What is your skin tone?

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Ladies always have that particular taste when it comes to choosing their makeup kit. It’s crucial that you know your particular skin tone before picking the most suitable foundation color that will match your skin. Knowing what will look best for you starts with knowing what specific skin tone you carry. One of the easier said than done scenarios written on ladies’ diaries. If you experience any difficulty when it comes to figuring out your skin, we have some tips that might be very useful for you. The good thing is that we’re going to reveal it, today. Aside from knowing how you can choose your makeup wisely for this sizzling year, you will also have a greater sense of touch in choosing your clothes and accessories that will even spice up your personality- making you irresistibly fabulous.

Step 1: Warm vs. Cool?

First and foremost, you have to understand that you will not be able to determine your shade unless you know whether you have warm or cool undertones. If you worry about how to know your stand, we are here to guide you every step of the way. The following are easy tests that you can perform to find out- note that you have to observe keenly, so you can successfully and appropriately determine undertones.

Vein Test.

Starting off with the vein test, this is so easy, and everyone can do it. Do note to exercise your eyes before proceeding, so you can carefully identify the particular color of your vein. The first thing you have to do is to walk outside and look for an area where there’s natural light. Place your wrist under the natural light and examine your veins. If your veins are mostly blue colored that means that you have cool undertones. On the other hand, if the veins are greener then you probably have a warm skin tone. If still, you can’t figure out whether it’s green or blue, since it seems like they are a mix of both colors, it means that you have a neutral skins tone and can go either way!

Gold vs. Silver.

Another way of determining your skin tone is having yourself stand in front of a mirror which is positions where natural light comes. The next piece you will be needing is anything that has a color of silver. You just need to put that piece next to your face, if your face’s reflection seems to light up, that mean you are cool toned. If your skin turns ashen or sickly looking, as opposed to lightening it up. That means that you are probably warm tones.

In testing whether you are warm toned, type of a person, get a gold piece and place it next to your face. Examine the color of your face, if it turns to look fresher and gloomier- it could only mean one thing you are warm toned. This method is pretty effective, and a lot of girls love this type of method in knowing their specific skin tone, but if you wish not to have any extra thing like having to find gold and silver pieces, you can just stick to trying the “vein test.”

The Ponytail test.

Just like you’re placing your hair on a ponytail, you can tell whether you are cool or warm toned. In this method, after tying your hair into a ponytail, place a headband to keep off your extra hair falling on your face. Then, by using a lukewarm water, wash your face. Take a white piece of clothing and wrap it around your neck and shoulders, so your face will clearly show on the mirror’s reflection. Carefully, look at your face- if it’s blue, it means that you are cool toned. However, if it’s yellow, it means that you are warm toned. This is a fantastic method that all the girls out there can try out.

Step 2: Clear or Muted?

One of the secrets of having good looks is having to contrast your hair, skin, and eye color. Just look at famous artists you know like Selena Gomez. They know what looks good on them, not because they have stylists to take care of it on their behalf, but because they know how to blend their colors. Try to look translucent in every contrasting you make. Don’t overdo your hair and outstand your eye color. Keep everything in balance. Come to think of Rihanna and Zooey Deschanel- they have clear skin. Muted skins on the other side of the shoelace tend to have softer colors, and more ash tones, some examples of famous persons who have muted skin are Green Lantern’s leading lady- Blake Lively and famous singer Beyonce.

Step 3: Which Season?

We are quite sure that by this time, you have finally figured out whether you are warm or cool. You must also have determined whether you are muted or clear. The next thing you have to uncover is determining which season you are, so you know what colors will naturally blend and will best work for you. Without further ado, let’s begin with summer.

The Summer Seasoned Girls.

If you are a dying fan of Katherine Heigl or Brittany Snow, thought you should know that they have summer skin tones. When we talk about this skin tone, it means that you are a type of woman that has muted and cool complexion. Usually, people who are natural blondes with light eyes that tan easily commonly has the summer skin tone. If you are a summer, you should stick to the low level of contrast between your hair, eye, and skin color.

Just to name some of the best colors that will suit you best are pastels, neutrals, and muted colors like pale yellow, mauve, rose, lavender, and light blue. This will look perfect for summer seasoned ladies. Ladies who have brown hair or blond hair who have pale pinkish complexion are also part of the summer skin toned women. If this sounds like you, the colors that we have aforementioned will surely set your look on fire.

Women with summer skin tones have a cool, muted complexion. Natural blondes with light eyes that tan easily is the most common members of this crew. Pink skin is also part of this complexion season. If you are a summer, your skin has a low level of contrast between hair, skin and eye color. The colors you should watch out for are intense colors such as orange and black. These colors may drown out your skin tone, so we highly suggest that you stay away from wearing intense colors.

The Fall Seasoned Girls.

Ladies who are under the warm and muted tone are usually browned-eyed people with light golden skin or brown hair. There are also blonde or dark honey colored hair that could have the fall skin tone. If it sounds like you’re a fall type of a lady, your light skin is prone to burn easily when exposed too long to the heat of the sun, so wearing make-ups with SPF is a must so that you will be protected from harmful UV rays.

Just to mention some of the colors that will suit you are perfectly are colors that belong to earth stones, both rich and muted will look great on you. Some of the colors that are under this category are caramel, orange, gold, olive, beige, and orange. Oh, don’t forget about considering rich brown colors that can help you look gorgeous. So, fall girls just to repeat the most important reminder we have for you, pick makeup that has SPF with them. Some of the colors that you should never attempt wearing are pink and other cool shades. They will add your pale color, don’t use bright colors as well. They might look you completely washed out. If you want to picture out what fall girls look like famous celebrities such as Lauren Conrad and Jada Pinkett-Smith are fall girls.

The Winter Seasoned Girls.

Part of the winter girls squad are Zoe Saldana and Leighton Meester; these girls have clear and cool skin tones. They are very stark and can show very dramatic skin tone. Caucasian women with dark hair are also part of this family. The best colors that will perfectly suit the winter girls are pure white and pure black. It will help your complexion stand out among the crowd. You can also pick colors that are part of the jewel stones such as the royal blue, emerald, royal purple, and icy pastels will surely look dashing on winter girl’s complexion.

Some of the colors that you should set your feet behind are beige, orange, and other steer clear colors of brown. This may wash out your overall dramatic features. Your neutral color will even look astounding if you pick your clothes that are in line with your make-up colors. Plain black and white, will surely make you look astonishing as you walk. Get that second look by knowing what looks suitable with your skin color.

The Spring Seasoned Girls.

Part of the spring girls are squad are Emma Stone and Alicia Keys, they usually have warm and clear skin tones that usually pure red and clear blue will look great on them. Girls who have freckles with them are populous in this category. Spring girls usually have light blue or green eye color with ivory skin with them. Best colors that would be suitable for these women are bright greens. Aqua and golden brown will also look amazing on them. You can’t forget about the light pink, golden yellow, ivory, pale peach, and other light colors will be highly suitable for spring toned women.

Some of the colors you should restrain yourself from using are either dark or dull color. Black and white may be too contrasting against your complexion. So, it must be something you should not try to wear. You don’t have to worry at the thing for there are too many colors that you will look stunning on you. We would love to hear from you, and we hope that we have helped find out your skin tone color. What‘s the color that you’ll love to use? And what season squad are you?

Shopping for Foundation.

Picking your foundation color is ain’t easy as you think, simply your friend’s foundation choice might not work on your skin undertone. But now that you know your specific undertone. Choosing the right one will be much easier. If you categorized under cool, and you pick a foundation color that’s highly suitable for warm color will not be the most flattering choice that you will ever make. So, you better stay out of it. Just to give you a quick picture of what foundations can do. If the foundation that you have picked labeled under cool-toned, it can make the skin look entirely or overly pinkish. On the other hand, if the foundation is labeled under warms can make your skin look overly yellow.

The most result you should keep yourself on track is selecting on neutral foundation shades that could have the slightest hint of your skin’s undertone. You don’t want to make your skin too pink, too ashen, or too yellow. If you want a second guard on your skin, you can try to purchase foundations that have anti-aging serum in them. This will further make your facial skin complexion create with an original soft matte finish. If are part of the cool undertone squad, you should look Foundation that is pinkish.

It would help you shade with a subtle yellow or golden tone, which can help you look stunning. This may sound like a lot of work, but as you get used to it- everything would seem easier. Just keep on eyeing foundations that will either slightly lighten or darken your skin. Just a few more practices and you’ll be astounded with the natural-looking results you are about to get. Would like to hear what squad are you, you can comment it down below to get connected with us.

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