Top 7 Teenage Skin Care Tips for Acne-free Face

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We understand that the battle for an acne-free face is simply just difficult for teenagers. The skin naturally changes as a part of your teenage years. Eliminating acne, blackheads, and blemishes can be done when you know your particular skin type. If you could still remember in your younger years, you tend not to look after your skin. But as you start having a pesky pimple, bold blackheads, and oily skin- you start to wonder how you can avoid these type of cases.

There’s about 85% of all people who get acne, so you don’t’ have to be surprised to when you get one. Knowing you’re not alone can be a great comfort. One of the worst case scenarios we have heard is having a huge reddish pimple before a big party or a school play. We just can’t help, but over think if whether you who will be the star of your tomorrow’s event or your pimples will get the most attraction. This is normal for teenagers to feel, but as you gain age, expect that your insecurities will start to diminish. Well, the fact that you’re still a teenager, here are the best ways on how you can prevent acne from sticking on your face. Hope you’ll have a good read.

1. Wash Your Face Twice a Day

One of the most important tips we can lend you washes your face twice a day. Right after you take your shower and before you hit the hay. Keeping your face clean is extremely significant if you want to achieve an acne-free face. By cleansing, you will be able to remove the excess oil, bacteria, and other impurities that can help you look fresh when you wake up. It’s also important that you buy the exact product by your specific skin type. Choosing a cleanser that contains salicylic acid is important for you to have a way much cleaner face. Before you apply your makeup, make sure you have applied a primer that is according to your age.

Just do note that it’s not advisable for you to wash your face more than twice a day. Since if you exceed in numbers your face will start to look dry, which is probably the last thing you want to happen. Picking your moisturizer is also important, we do recommend you use all in the certified natural product since your skin needs a gentler touch. Especially, those who have acne-prone type of skin.

2. Treat water as your best friend

We tend to grab the cola over water when we are out having lunch and milk over the water again when we wake up. It’s important for you to know that choosing the right kind of beverages you drink is extremely important to achieve acne-free skin. Treat water as if it is your best friend, bring it anywhere you go and hydrate yourself. Drinking 8 and more glasses of water a day is advisable, but if it’s summer, drinking 11 glasses of water or more is suggested. If you’re an active participant in Sports, there’s a strong need for you to bring a lot of water during your game.

Teenage Skin Care Tips for Acne-free Face

3. Exfoliate your skin

An exfoliating cleanser that comes with tiny circular microbeads will help to slough away dead skin. This also prevents your pores from getting clogged, which is responsible for a pimple and blackheads. It’s important that you choose the right cleanser the fits best the type of skin that you have. We lose about 50 million of skin cells every single day, so if we’re not going to get rid of them- they’ll stock into a pile, which can create a dirt access on our faces. According to experts, it is advised to exfoliate 3-4 times a week. Don’t overdo it though, for it can make your skin dry.

4. Get a facial cloth

It has been aforementioned before that you need to keep your face clean, with the help of having a facial cloth with you- this task would be a lot easier. If you’re active in sports, you can stash a pack or two of this inside your locker. You can also keep some in your purse or your bag. It can make a quick clean on your face and leaves you with a breeze feeling. It’s worth a try for all teenagers who are reading this article.

5. Don’t cleanse a lot

One of the most common result, when teens have popping acne, as they used to clean a lot, thinking that it would help. The fact it is will clog your pores, thus causing more acne to pop out. It’s important that your pores are open to access the oil that your sebum produces. Wash your face twice a day and no more than that. Having an acne-free skin is not that difficult, as long as you have a simple and yet easy to follow skin care routine.

6. Buy SPF products and avoid direct heat exposure

Don’t expose yourself to the heat of the sun without sunscreen. It has reported that 20% of people don’t apply for sunscreen protection when they go out, and that is wrong when you’re trying to have an acne-free skin. Also, step 10 feet away from the fireplace or any heater you have at home. Direct heat exposure is not good for your skin.

7. Moisturize your face

To achieve an acne-free skin, you have to pick the most suitable moisturizer. We do suggest picking something that’s all-in natural; they are great to use for they have a way gentler formula that is perfect for teenager’s skin. There are moisturizing creams out that could also be used as skin tightening cream for stomach, but we do suggest you buy the one that purposely made for the face.

Having acne-free face is not impossible to have, it’s just a matter of picking the right and simple skin care routine for your particular skin type. Just remember not to overdo anything, putting too many products on your face is not also advisable. Limit yourself from using one or two and no more than that. Hope these tips have helped you, if you do have more tips – feel free to share them.

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