5 Easy and Simple Beauty Tips

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I’m quite sure that you have heard this line many times being said to you already, but let me say this to you anyway. “You are already beautiful.” There’s nothing wrong about becoming more beautiful, enhancing your natural God-given features is fine, but covering it is a mess. Don’t let makeup control over you, but have full control over makeup. In this article, I am going to share 5 easy and simple beauty tips to help your journey to become more beautiful a whole lot easier.

I do not consider myself a beauty expert; my skincare routine can be done in just a quick 10 minutes with a good facial cleanser and a natural skin moisturizer I’d be from the house. But don’t get me wrong, my simple beauty routine has helped me shave off years from my current age. They say I look like “21” when I’m already “25”. Big difference, isn’t it? Thought you should know that you don’t have to go the extra mile or spend thousands of dollars just to become more beautiful. Sometimes, what you need is some inspirational tweaks on your overall skincare routine.

Easy and Simple Beauty Tips

1. Eat healthy

There’s no better hack than eating healthy. I have tried using many beauty products before with a poor diet. One of the things I have learned from that experience is that beauty starts when you eat right, and I have learned to become an obsessive veggie smoothie drinker. I’m not a vegan, I’ll surely miss all those lean meats that I used to eat, so I’d stick to a healthy and a balanced diet instead.

Eating well is not expensive. Water is way less expensive than soda. It’s just a matter of health discipline. Feeling healthy both inside and outside has a lot to do with what you put into your body. Your skin in the special case can be easily affected when you start practicing a poor diet, and if you wanted to look good without having to apply any makeup. Having healthy skin is a huge and significant key. Try to avoid oily foods. The foods that you need to cut off from your diet are those greasy, fatty, and sugary foods. They’re going to satisfy your taste buds for a moment but can harm your skin for life.

If you can’t help it, at least minimize it. You don’t need to have a sudden shift in your diet, decreasing your intake of those oil foods can be the first step. It a lot of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, lean meats, and oatmeals instead- make this part of your healthy meal plan. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, in the long run; it can help to flush out your system, thus preventing you from feeling bloated. You can take a vitamin supplement to add to your daily requirements from your diet. Vitamins A, C, and E are extremely beneficial for the skin.

2. The Aspirin Mask

If you didn’t know, aspirin contains heaps of salicylic acid, which is a known ingredient to combat acne and white fungal spots on the skin. Shout all to all girls out there who are huge fans of face masks, you will surely love this beauty tip, and it’s easy to use. To make this mask, you will need a big old bottle of dollar store aspirin. It is better to go for cheap and uncoated aspirin; they’re usually better. The second ingredient you’ll have to find is a dollop of yogurt and a few bee’s creations- honey.

Get a little bowl, then crush 4-8 aspirin. PS: if you have oilier skin, you’ll want to use more like 7-8. Add a tablespoon of yogurt and a tiny squirt of honey, mix them, and this should do the trick. And oh! If you have a dry skin type, you may want to put more amount of honey than just a squirt. Mix it all until it becomes grainy, you can now get a brush or use your bare hands in spreading the mixture all over your face. Make sure your hands are clean, and there are no dirt spots.

Leave it on your face for 5-7 minutes; I usually leave mine for five minutes. But, since this is just your first time applying it, you might want to leave it on for less than five minutes. The shorter amount of time of leave-on is always safer, so take it from there. Wash it off and wipe your face with a clean towel. At then, my favorite part, looking at the mirror. I’m not going to be fake with you all, but watching your face glows is one of the tricks to make you feel more beautiful.

Just to recap what you have learned from your 1st beauty tip.

Step 1: Buy an uncoated aspirin, honey, and yogurt.

Step 2: Crush 4-8 aspirin (more for oilier face).

Step 3: Get a tablespoon of yogurt.

Step 4: Add a squirt of honey (more for drier face).

Step 5: Mix until it becomes grainy.

Step 6.: Apply it on the face (use a brush if you have).

3. Use olive oil as shaving cream

If you haven’t tried this beauty tip before, your reaction would be “What, olive oil as shaving cream?” yep, you’ve read it right. This oil has antibacterial also antifungal properties that help in creating a smooth shave on the skin area, it also helps in speeding up the process, in case if you have some shaving accident scars. It’s total hype; it’s one of the phenomenal best friends of women. Probably the one that you don’t want to miss. Instead of using a cream that is intimidating to the skin or your conditioner, use your bottle of Bertolli.

Just spread it on your legs and do your usual shaving. Just do note that it can get a bit messy, I have tried it the very first time, and the shaving process kind of seems wavy. The tip that I wished I have known before was making sure that the razor is clean and a bit better than the usual one. Just make sure you clean your tub afterward, so you won’t have to slip in any leftover oil since that would be dangerous. By using olive oil, you will have a cleaner and smoother aftershave finish. It keeps your legs moisturized for a longer time if you try to compare it with anything else that you have tried. It’s amazing!

Olive oil contains not just one but three major antioxidants, namely: Vitamin E, phytosterols, and polyphenols. When olive oil is applied it can help in protecting your skin from premature skin aging, the Vitamin E itself is known for its anti-aging properties that help in restoring the skin’s smoothness and protects it from the harmful UV rays. The effect is super amazing on the skin, and this oil contains a rare compound that can prevent free radicals from hovering and creating damage to the skin. It sure does the shaving trick. It had helped me a lot to have smoother and softer feels on my legs.

Simple Beauty Tips

4. Razor rash: No, thank you!

Having some razor rash is unhealthy, that’s why I don’t like having them. Every time I have any of the skin areas that are prone to red bumps lies, I do it before I go to bed. I wish someone had told me this beauty hack before, but unfortunately, I had to discover it from a great blog that I read just a few months ago. The tip is slathering some generous amount of triple antibiotic ointment. Ever since, I have used this tip. I don’t have to worry about having rashes in the morning.

5. DIY homemade exfoliator

We never ran out of the DIY idea, who to blame? When we are in the comfort of our home, we have this thinking to do something recreational, fun, engaging, and creative. Alongside with new DIY beauty recipes. Sometimes I run out of facial scrub just when it’s winter, and I need something that could make my face a little cleaner. So, what I did is I exfoliated my face with a tablespoon of baking soda, and it did work- thankfully! All I can say to this beauty hack is that it’s cheap, it works, it’s gentle on the face, and I can use it anytime and at any year’s season. Clever idea, isn’t it?

Becoming more beautiful is not difficult; it only takes the proper regime to follow and to exert a positive discipline ground for yourself. Don’t be too obsessed to see quick results, but rather rejoice in the little healthy steps that you have accomplished today and treat yourself to a sweet snack- an 80 calorie snack would be a good fit. But anyway, I hope you have found these 5 simple and easy beauty tips useful, and by the way, I know you have beauty secrets, too. Please share, I would love to hear from you, too.

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