Top 6 Best Shea Moisture Shampoo Reviews 2020

Doing some tweak on the hair can be a major problem for some girls and can get expensive to some. When it comes to having beautiful hair, the secret is knowing what works for you and what’s not. Research is a fundamental key to being able to identify your strongest points and your weak points. Do you have a dry scalp or not? You must keep your well-moisturized and well-hydrated for longer hours, so it won’t be looking dry throughout the day. This kind of shampoos aid in conditioning your hair and does not take away any of its volume at the same time. If you love having thick and shiny hair- this could be the most ideal and natural way of conditioning your hair.

The following is Best Shea Moisture Shampoo Reviews:

Shea butter can be an essential ingredient to leave your hair feeling soft and smooth throughout after washing. It’s something that you’d want to use if you don’t want to put a ton of hair products to get your hair look shiny and fresh. It’s more than just a dry hair rescue, but these products have the natural active moisturizing ingredient that helps you nourish your hair after a wash, it does not remove any excess oil on your hair, so you will surely have that shiny hair when you walk. If you’re looking for a shea moisture to hydrate your hair, it will be best if you read some reviews and from the top of the line products before buying it. This is the fastest way to know what are the best Shea moisture shampoos available in the market.

1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

Shea Moisture moisture shampoo review This Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo will help to get your that healthy and strong hair in no time. Castor oil has always known as one of the best medicinal oils available in the market; it has used by people both culinary and cosmetic purposes; it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and antioxidants that help the hair to become manageable. Free yourself from worrying about what your hair may look like. With the help of this conditioning shampoo- you can throw your comb back to your bag. This is a color-safe shampoo, so if your hair has a color, you can still use this one without worrying about the side effect. This is a certified organic and ethically sourced from natural ingredients.

If you happen to have some hair issues on your hair length, you can improve it with the use of this very own shampoo. Don’t let your hair be dry due to the strong UV rays of the sun; with the help of this shampoo, your hair will become stronger, shinier, and healthier. Save yourself from constantly worrying about restoring your hair before look. With the help of Shea Moisture, you will notice the improvement in your scalp condition- this is an amazing bottle filled with a great shampoo that will improve your hair’s current condition. It’s a healer with a twist; it comes with a gentler formula, so you don’t have to worry about the bad side effect that it may do to your hair.

It has been used by many generations to have youthful and beautiful skin, it started sprouting right from the historical time, and it continues to bloom in this new millennial ear, this product is something every woman would love to keep in her beauty closet when she’s taking a bath. The Shea butter is infused with Castor oil even to improve extra moisture on the hair. It also eliminates the build-up and unnecessary residue that has accumulated on your scalp. This is a super product that has the true power to reverse the damage for a stronger and healthier hair finish.

Things We Like

Strengthens the hair.

Moisturizes the hair for longer hours.

Has castor oil content.

A certified organic product.

Helps in hair growth.

Things We Don’t Like

Have to use consistently to see results.

Packaging could be better.

It takes weeks before results start coming in.


Is it worth to try?

Yes, definitely.

Does it help in hair regeneration?


Final Verdict

If you are up for some thicker and longer hair, your desire will come true by using this shampoo consistently replacing the regular one that you are using. This is one of the best products out there, and you’ll love using this one. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the scalp, thus encouraging healthier and longer hair growth. It keeps your hair well-nourished for a long time, so it’s worth to check out. The formula is purposely infused gentler to work on both dry and irritated scalp. The combination of Shea Butter and Castor Oil is a priceless formula that will help your hair to grow and restore in weeks. The one to check out for healthier hair!

2. Retention Shampoo 16 oz – Best Shea Moisture Shampoo

Shea Moisture moisture shampoo review This product helps in strengthening your hair follicles while making sure that it is well-protected from possible damage coming from the sun. Did you know that staying under the sun for a long time can cause your hair to dry and frizz? That is because the invisible UV rays release heat that can cause serious damage to your hair follicles, especially if you are not wearing any sunscreen to protect your skin from the damaging heat. Your hair will also look dry, which is a big no-no for ladies. The good news is, with the help of the Shea Moisture Raw Retention Shampoo, you’ll have fewer worries to travel your days under the sun, but do note not to stay long under it- you may want to wear a hat or something that can protect your head.

Argan oil and Shea butter all together. We’re quite sure that you have seen Argan oil on many beauty products before. It is widely known for its rich antioxidants and high content of various vitamins. The Argan oil is infused with Shea Butter content that naturally cleanses, hydrates, and repairs each of your hair follicles to eliminate damage and rejuvenate your strands effortlessly. This something worth trying for.

Things We Like

Has Argan oil content.

Hydrates the hair.

Cleanses the hair.

Repairs the hair.

Safe to use for colored hair.

Things We Don’t Like

The scent could be milder.


What’s the content like?

It’s in the form of liquid.

Is it easy to lather?

A bit difficult.

Final Verdict

Though the product has a strong scent, it can safely use on colored hair; it will also feel good on your hair once you’ve put it on. It doesn’t have much lather, which will be not a good point for others to use, but in the long run, it won’t bother the user too much. It will keep your hair clean, refreshed, and soft throughout the day, just the way you want it. This is one of the best products out there, so you might as well want to use this product.

3. Retention Shampoo 13 oz

Shea Moisture moisture shampoo review This shampoo works for both and thin hair; it might have a strong scent when you open, it will leave your hair soft and smooth after you have thoroughly washed off the shampoo. This is one of the best shampoos out there, and it conditions your hair well, it can help you achieve your hair goals in no time. It’s total hair savior for it naturally restores your hair its normal health. It works perfectly for thin hair as well, do note that if you have thin hair- don’t use the shampoo every day for it may cause some irritations on your scalp, it is best to use it twice or thrice a week. It’s not heavy on the hair, and you’ll feel like your hair is clean after wash.

It’s not heavy on a budget since it can last for weeks; instead of going to expensive salon treatments, you can see some results with the use of this shampoo. If you want to maximize results, you may want to use virgin coconut oil even to add the shine and natural look on the hair. You can protect your hair from all those damaging heat out there with the help of the Shea butter’s head sunscreen protection. One of the major pet peeves women face is having to feel greasy and dirty once they step out of the shower room. What’s amazing about this shampoo is that it saves you from the thought and helps you have a clean and well-hydrated hair.

This is a sulfate-free product, so you can save the thought of having to face the side effects of products that have sulfate content. This will probably be the game-breaker of your shampoo purchase history, for it can make a huge improvement on your hair. It’s not that expensive to maintain, and it will give you the results that will make you look astonishing when you walk. It’s something that you’d want to keep on your bathroom’s cabinet, so you may always have the beautiful hair that you are longing for.

Things We Like

Keeps the hair soft.

Moisturizes the hair for a longer period.


Gentle formula.

Things We Don’t Like

Repurchase process could be better.

Scent Could be better.


Does it have a strong smell?


Will it help me soften my hair?

Yes, it will.

Final Verdict

Overall, this product made from the best ingredients gathered around the world. The manufacturer has made sure that you are getting the best of the best content when you decide to purchase shampoo. Just be prepared for a little awkward smell that you are going to experience. It’s not going to be pleasant, but surely it will help in protecting your hair from the heat of the sun and will help in softening your hair. It one of the best, that’s why we think that you won’t regret it if you’d take a closer step in purchasing this product.

4. Castor oil shampoo conditioner

Shea Moisture moisture shampoo review Don’t underestimate your natural hair without straightening it, it can be tweak without going digital, but going natural! This Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo Conditioner made from natural ingredients that help in taking care of your hair system. It smoothens, softens, and strengthens with safe and powerful hydrating ingredients that help you reach the best hair that you’d want to look for a particular event. It helps in preventing the breakage in the hair, thus making a soft and stylish finish afterward.

This is a complete hair care system empowered with castor oil that could aid in nourishing the hair follicles without rushing it straighten or something. If you are the type of person who wants to have beautiful hair naturally, you can stick with this shampoo and witness the change for yourself. It’s definitely worth the try and will always be one of the best that you’ll ever experience to use. It also has a deep cleansing formula that penetrates through your scalp, making way for better blood circulation.

This product is sulfate-free so that you can free yourself from constantly worrying about the side effects chemicals can bring about on your hair’s overall health. It’s paraben-free and purely organic. This works for the curly and straight type of hair. It works on thick and thin texture, but you might as well want to use this one less frequently if you have fragile hair. It conditions the hair by the use of its natural organic ingredient that encourages healthy growth for the upcoming hair follicles.

Things We Like

Great for curly and straight hair.

Great conditioner for the hair.

Made from organic ingredients.

Makes a healthy hair appearance.

Extra-nourishing shampoo.

Things We Don’t Like

Has a strong peppermint scent.

Not the best one out there for hair regrowth.

A bit pricey.


Does it help in strengthening the hair?

Yes, it helps to prevent breakage.

What does it smell?

It inspired by peppermint scent, but overall it’ll do great on your hair.

Final Verdict

Well, there’s much going on about this product is great for the hair and some are saying it’s the worse they had ever applied on their hair, the best way to find out is not by trying it. But by balancing the conclusion around its ingredients. It’s clear that the product is a certified organic one, so it’ll not going to smell at its best. It does not have any fragrance with it, so if you think you can handle the peppermint scent, you will fall in love with this product. We have no queries about the product’s efficiency, leave the fact itself that it has Castor oil and She butter content, which are very powerful when it comes to nourishing your hair strands.

5. Restorative Shampoo 13oz and Conditioner Bundle

Shea Moisture moisture shampoo review Yes, this is shampoo and a conditioner set, it’s bundled together so that you may replace your regular shampoo with this one. It’s a little bit pricey compared if you’re going to buy the shampoo bottle alone. What’s amazing about this one is that you don’t have to go all through the net to shoot for the best conditioner to team up with your shampoo. This set will surely save some of your time if you decide to go with this product. The shampoo itself made from organic and healed essential oils that help in strengthening the hair. It’s not much heavy on the hair, but the soft blend of natural ingredients will help you achieve the hair that you desire.

It helps in hydrating your hair with its gentle cleaning properties. It is made up of unique blends of raw organic Shea Butter with Sea Kelp and Argan Oil that aids in softening and smoothening your hair in no time. It helps in promoting your dry hair by nourishing the scalp with the right nutrients. Sometimes having brittle and dry hair is due to over process styling processes that are more than what the hair could take.

“Why can’t I have just the typical bouncy hair like other girls have?” This is the common scenario of women who wants to have a well-timed hair. Well, that is achievable, and you don’t have to go to expensive salon hair treatment treat your hair., The conditioner bottle that comes with the shampoo will help in restoring the shine of your hair. It’s a powerful combination of the two, and it’s going to do amazing wonders on your hair.

Things We Like

The shampoo comes with a conditioner.

Repairs the hair strands.

Deeply penetrates the scalp.

Helps in promoting hair elasticity.

Leaves the hair looking shiny.

Things We Don’t Like

A bit pricey to maintain.

Needed to be used consistently to have same results every day.

Bottles are small.


Does the conditioner come with a pump?

Yes, it has.

Is it have to the hair?

No, we believe.

Final Verdict

The product is an amazing bundle that could be a perfect pair to hand as a gift on your wife or daughter’s birthday. It’s not something you have to the scalp and hair, but it does leave your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. Just like the normal hair, every girl would desire. It also has to restore properties that could help in restoring dead and damaged hair. We say that this product is worth the try!

6. Black Soap Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Shea Moisture moisture shampoo review Don’t let damaged hair ruin your day; you can restore it in just a few weeks with this great and organic shampoo. The ingredients gathered from the best ingredients available around the world, and they have come up with this product. This is the thing that could bring a dramatic improvement to your hair. If you don’t believe in magic, the moisturizing properties that the Castor oil and Shea butter will speak for itself, it truly is a magnificent product that strengthens, grow, and restores your hair to its normal and glowy state.

If ever you had a history of bleaching or dying your natural hair, this is a safe shampoo to use. Sometimes styling the hair with the use of hair straightener and blower can damage it through the heat hair styling you are using. When the hair becomes over-processed, it will create braids, locks, and frizziness that most likely the last thing you’d want for your hair.

Huge thanks to this shampoo, it can certainly help you in restoring the over-processed and damaged hair by smoothing it. You probably think that it will be difficult to bring your hair to its normal health, but it isn’t that hard; you need to take the time to see and search for what will work the best for you.

Things We Like

It smells great.

Effective for dry scalp.

Comes with restoring properties.

Heals eczema.

Heals itchy scalp.

Things We Don’t Like

Not the best one out there to solve dandruff problem.

May dry the hair.


Is it safe to use?

Yes, but double-check the ingredients to see if there are any ingredients that you are allergic to.

Does the conditioner smell good?

Compared to other products, yes.

Final Verdict

This product is deep cleaning, so it can penetrate deeply on the scalp- improving the blood circulation in it. It’s sulfate-free and can treat dry and itchy scalp. It has a tea tree and will bark extract, which is great properties when it comes to healing any scalp irritations on your hair. Thus, having a healthy space for other hair follicles to grow.
Shea butter is the one-stop ingredient when it comes to nourishing each of your hair follicles. It’s an effective alternative instead of applying shampoos that are with chemical content, true that these type of product gives you faster results, but going natural is still unbeatable. I hope you have enjoyed the shea moisture shampoo reviews we have made about the best Shea Butter Shampoos out there in the market. Just remember that what will work best for you is the one that could hit your purpose of buying on the head. Happy picking, beautiful ladies!

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