Top 6 Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Reviews

If you’re stuck in the corner trying to figure out how to hold your curly locks, with much of the ideas going on your head, you might end up applying too many products on it, which is not good for your hair. For girls who have straight hair, you might look for a product that could give fine details to your hair without weighing it down. Well, you don’t have to be hysterical in looking for what will work for you, since what you need is a Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, save yourself from stress. With just a little amount of this product, you can achieve that bouncy, healthy-looking hair all day long.

No need to invest in drastic, expensive products out there that come with parabens, they’re not going to do any good on your hair anyway in the long run. Shea butter is known for its strong moisturizing effects on the hair. This content also contains antioxidants and vitamins that fight free radical to help you achieve you the dream that you have desired for. Don’t let your hair problem drag you down from taking your strut in the hallway, with the help of these top of the line Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothies; you will surely land on something that will make your dream curly look come true.

The following is Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Reviews:

1. Curl Enhancing Smoothie 12 Oz

Shea Moisture curl smoothie review If you haven’t yet checked this product, you’re missing something right. Owning our 1st spot is the Shea Moisture Coconut, and Hibiscus Smoothies is a great smoothie that could make a significant difference in your curls. There’s no need to put a ton of it, just a tiny bit of amount, and your hair will surely look dripping wet. If you feel like your hair needed something to juice it up, this product would be a definite fab to use. Some of the issues women face are looking for a smoothie that could give them that hot wet hair -look evenly. If you use oil, there’s a tendency that only the high surface will look wet and shiny, but what about the beneath the surface? You can wipe off the problem clean with the help of this smoothie. It’s extremely useful and provides your hair a total make-over.

Looking sizzling in curls is made 10x easier with this newly developed smoothie, it will help to keep the locks tight and make it glow at the same time, way to go for that effect! If you crave some curiosity and attention from people- this will do the trick. Don’t be a puzzle if people start coming straight at you and ask, “Wow, girl! What’d you put on your hair? It looks stunning!” Well, if you’re generous enough. We’re quite sure you’ll share the name of this product with your friends. It enhances your hair curls, and the smell isn’t that bad, and it isn’t that great. Probably one of the greatest pet peeves of women is when they buy a hair product, and it ended up smelling awkward on their hair.

The product is full of natural ingredients and to speak of a fact; there are not many good products out there that are “certified organic.” This is truly one of a kind product that could provide individual care for your hair. It comes in two packs, so for the twenty-one bucks that you pay for it, you’ll get 2 of these, which amazingly lasts for months. It’s one of the ladies’ favorites, and we can’t wait for you to experience the difference that it could lead to your hair. It’s in the top 1 in our list, which means it’s a combination of Mother Nature’s power and efficacy. If you’re curious enough to try, you can visit the site of the product and see what people have to say about this hair smoothie.

Things We Like


The smell is mild.

Comes in 2 packs.

Helps in curly locks.

Gives a certified wet look.

Things We Don’t Like

If applied too much, it’ll feel heavy on the hair.

Not recommended for fragile hair.


What does the cream look like?

It’s a thick smoothie.

Is it like a wax?

No, it’s a Shea butter smoothie.

Final Verdict

Some people are saying that the product felt too heavy on their hair. The tip is: Don’t put too much and use it when needed. This product, when appropriately applied, will not bring you any heavy or suffocation coating in any way. It works for natural black hair and other curly hair styled hair. It worked well when it’s relaxed and pressed right. It dries soft and non-greasy on your hair. You can tell this by running it down through your hair and can’t find any track of oil residue. It’s a certified good product that’s worth to become a part of your bucket list. We understand that the product may become very thick, but you can control how much of it, you should put.

2. Style Milk Combination Pack

Shea Moisture curl smoothie review Is it having problems locking your curls? Conquer it with the help of this great smoothie due. Owning our 2nd spot is no other than the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination pack, which is reliable when it comes to taming your curls. If ever you have messy waves that seem too impossible to control, they will misbehave no more with the powerful moisturizing formulas of these two that leave them no choice but to follow. This product is amazing; it’s one of the best of all, bests in the market. Probably you might want to check out this product for it is prettily amazing, and it works well on the hair.

It does not leave you with oil residue but rather leaves your hair feeling soft and clean. It can help to transform dull and to look lifeless curly hair strands into ultra-attractive and shiny tresses; we’re quite sure that your family and friends will start to wonder about the thing that you use on your hair. The Curl and Style Milk offers a powerful and unique addition that can do locks on your curls for a longer period. It leaves your hair supple and with volume. Save yourself from all those ‘ole bad hair days that probably have become nightmares in your diary book. For a hair lifestyle change, this product will work wonders on your hair.

We understand that it’s been a daily struggle for women to deal with frizzy, dull, and dry hair all day. One of the most common reasons is the lack of hydration on hair. The scalp needs to have a balance and a functioning blood circulation to improve the condition of your hair. You can help in encouraging your scalp with the aid of Shea Moisture content in the product. For directions on how to use. You may apply this one on wet strands and comb through. You may not want to feel heavy feels on your hair, so you may want to consider applying a small amount at a time.

Another cause of having a dry hair is the lack of silk proteins; if you think it’s time to deal with your dry hair curls, you can end it with the good dose content of silk proteins from this real product. It can create incredible definition and sheen on the hair, which can make a huge difference in your whole regiment. If before times, there are style boundaries that you can make. With this product, there’s will no style that you can’t wear! If you’re ready to hit down the street with your wet-looking curls- shine!

Things We Like

Makes the hair soft.

Leaves the hair with shiny effect.

Has a healthy dose of silk proteins.

Takes messy hair.

Saves you from split ends.

Things We Don’t Like

Contains macadamia seed oil content, if allergic to nuts- don’t use this one!.

A little tricky to use.


Does it help in dry hair?

Yes, it has moisturizing effects.

Could my 17-year-old daughter use this?

Yes, it’s safe to use for men, women, and kids. Just double-check the ingredients to see if she’s allergic to one or two of them if she is- doesn’t buy this one.

Final Verdict

We wouldn’t deny the fact that this product is a great one to aid dry hair. It’s good at controlling the frizz on your hair and helps you avoid split ends. It can make your hair well-moisturized, thus helping it look a little damp and wet. With its curl enhancing duo, you are sure to enjoy having a well-defined curl with a smart sleek. You don’t need to go an extra mile to get a well-defined curly hair, sometimes what you need is a smoothie that could give long-lasting hydration and shine to your hair. This may be a bit pricey, but you get two products from a single payment. Worth a try!

3. Shampoo and Conditioner Set 13 Oz

Shea Moisture curl smoothie review You don’t have to stroll the market some more to find a quality product that works for naturally curly hair. You are looking straight at the product that could help you achieve that wet and damp look on your hair.

If you’re the type of person who has experienced sniffing an adamant scent that has led to a serious headache, you can save yourself from experiencing that again for this product comes with a great scent that you’ll shortly fall in love with. After all, after you take a bath, the last thing that you would want to happen to you is to feel unclean.

The characteristic of this product is pure natural de ‘or, it’s not mixed with any gluten, parabens, fragrance, or paraffin that may cause damages to the hair. It’s convenient to use and helps you control the frizz on your hair. This sulfate-free, so if you dyed your color sometime before or at.

Things We Like

Has coconut oil content.

Has Hibiscus content.

Color safe.

No parabens in the product.

Contains silk protein.

Things We Don’t Like

Contains neem oil, if allergic to it you may skip this product- there are lots out there.

The slid of the container could be better.


I have a very thick course hair; could I use this?

Yes, you may. It works for thick curly hairs.

Could it provide shine?

Yes, it can.

Final Verdict

It may seem daunting to find products if there are too many of them offered to you. This product purposely made for men and women who have natural curls. Save yourself from going extra miles to get your curly hair well-tames; you can do it with the help of silk protein coming from this shampoo. It lasts for month’s use, so you’ll surely save some bucks if you go with this product. This is certified organic and does not contain any of those chemicals and parabens, so it’s safe to try on the hair!

4. Curl & Shine Kit 1 count

Shea Moisture curl smoothie review If you have thick and curly hair, the use of this Shea Moisture kit can do good for your hair. It helps in reducing frizz and makes your hair a lot smoother when compared to the times that you are using regular shampoos. It gives you extra soft feels that give you great confidence to have fun outside. The characteristic of this product is remarkable; that’s why a lot of people love the product.

The manufacturer itself has made sure that they have harnessed the best ingredients to make their product. Many generations have used it for beautiful skin; it’s one of the best out there. And will make a qualified product to add to your collection.

If you have a history of dying your hair, this product is safe to use. It not only a healer to your hair strands that got damaged out of hairstyling processes but also gave you the modern twist of locking your curls. We’re quite sure that you have a lot of struggles dealing with straw-like hair strands that drag your confidence down, let yourself fly with this hair product!

Things We Like

Tames frizz.

Gives shine to the hair.

Has organic Shea butter content.

Restores hair’s health back to normal.

Makes the hair strands a bit softer.

Things We Don’t Like

The bottles are smaller than you may expect it to be.

Packaging should be more given attention to.


Are the bottles tiny?

Yes, but they come with a large value for the hair.

Is it safe for my hair? I dyed it the other day.

Yes, it’s color-safe.

Final Verdict

If you’ve gotten so far surfing the net for the best shampoo for your curly hair, you have just met the game-changer. This is a certified organic product; you know what research says, natural products are less more prone to give you negative side effects compared to the products that come with parabens and other chemicals. If you’re the type of person who loves to go naturals, it just shows that you are looking after the health of your hair, which is a great trait to have. The hair can be damaged at any time, especially when undergone with too many heat processes to get it styled. For maximum results, use the other bottles that come with the set. Happy picking!

5. Curl & Style Milk Pack

Shea Moisture curl smoothie review If you are having a hard time looking for the right smoothie for you, you can give this product a try. This is known for restoring the hair strand’s health to its normal state. It naturally comes with ultra-enriching properties that give a natural shine to the hair. The detangler smoothie helps in making the curly locks extra successful. It makes your hair damp and wet, which is a good thing to look at when you’re walking down the streets.

You can finally have a thick and luscious curl by boosting the health of your hair strands. The content of this product is rich in various vitamins and antioxidants that help in strengthening it again. It has a sweet, sensual smell that is not too strong on the nose to sniff. It’s a gentle product that does not irritate the scalp on your head. This is something worth considering for a haircare set.

Things We Like

Has to strengthen proteins.

Tames tresses.

Great conditioner.

Comfortable on the hair.

Has a sweet smell.

Things We Don’t Like

Right mixture is difficult to figure out.

Instructions on how to use could be better.


Does it work the same as the smoothie?

No, smoothies are purposely made to hydrate your hair for a longer time.

Is it easy to figure out the right mixture?

A bit difficult.

Final Verdict

If your hair tresses seem too wild to detangle, you can use this Shea Moisture pack to enhance your beauty. It comes with strengthening proteins that help in providing silk on the hair. We understand that it’s a daily struggle for women to deal with frizzy and uncontrollable hair, you can get it resolved with the help of the Shea Butter content that moisturizes each of the hair strands.

6. Curl Enhancing Smoothie 16 oz

Shea Moisture curl smoothie review You won’t struggle with that issue if you decide to go with this product, the smell is light and fresh. So, you can save yourself from horrible scent thoughts. The product does not come with any artificial fragrance- this would be a perfect fit for women who can’t bear with strongly-scented products. The product is naturally harnessed from the best ingredients all over the world to assure that you are getting the best for your hair.

There’s no arguing point when it comes to taking good care of your hair’s health, but going with natural products! One of Mother Earth’s gifts is the pure and organic products that could neutralize and give life to your curly styled hair. If you not ground by the fact that this product is a certified organic one, it’s worthy of consideration.

The organic Shea butter content is perfectly blended with coconut oil and sweet hibiscus even to enhance your overall look hair appearance. It helps in reducing frizz and improves the bouncy feature of your hair. Way to go for healthy curls! Say goodbye to that high hair wash you use to spend in the salon, with this pack, you can get the same results with half the price. It comes in a pack, so you’ll surely get something other than the smoothie. This is a great product to go for.

Things We Like

Reduces frizz.

Detangles hair .

Enhances the bouncy feature of your hair.

Improves curls to be healthy.

Restores moisture.

Things We Don’t Like

The scent could still be improved.

The formula could still be improved.


Is it good for after wash?

Yes, you can use the conditioner for after wash.

Does it add shine to hair?

Yes, it does.

Final Verdict

Overall, the product is excellent. It comes in complete hair care pack that helps you achieve that curly hair that you desire. It’s budget-friendly and does not hurt your pocket. It’s something that you’d want for your hair to have; it’s a certified natural product, so you don’t have to worry about the negative side effect that it could bring forth to your hair. So, it’s worth a try!
Shea butter has been a long time used to generate various beauty products, whether it’s for the hair, for the nails, or the skin. This content has never failed beauty experts to include Shea butter to its future beauty schemes. With a lot of praise for this ultra-moisturizing ingredient, the top 6 Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Review that we have picked will surely speak for its efficacy. We hope that we had served you today with the review that we have written, and as always, Happy picking!

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