Oil vs Serum: Which one is better & What’s the difference?

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Yes, there is some confusion when it comes to these two types of beauty ingredients. Some of us may not be completely aware of what serums are. That’s why when we hear it as one of the ingredients in our beauty products, we assume that it is something good. But how about oil? What is its difference from a serum? Well, we will discuss their differences shortly. After that, you can decide which of them is perfect for your skin and face. They work quite well, that’s why they are popular ingredients in beauty products that you may have bought already yourself. So, to better understand what they do, we will have to learn a couple of facts.

Facial oils

First, we are going to talk about oils since this is what almost all people are already aware of. There are a lot of uses of essential oils to our faces. Aside from they are natural moisturizers, they also help in preventing acne and pimples. Yes, it is quite weird that oils help treat acne and pimples. But, it is true, and most people already know it. So, oils do help a lot when it comes to improving our face’s appearance.x

Benefits of facial oils

Of course, facial oils have some advantages. It is nourishing and very moisturizing. If you have dry skin and you want an immediate solution for it, you can count on facial oils to pump some life on that dry skin. Overall, it is just one of the best solutions for your dry skin that you will find. This kind of thing might sound exaggerated, but you can try it yourself so that you can experience it first-hand.

Facial oils have natural extracts content as well as essential oils, which can make your skin appear healthier and plump. It also improves the texture of your skin by making it smoother. The good thing about using facial oils is that they are completely natural. They don’t have any chemicals or synthetic substances, which can harm your skin in the long run. The effects that it will give on your skin are long-lasting. You will have your smooth and radiant skin naturally.

People who can use facial oils

An advantage that facial oils have is its compatibility with all skin types. As long as you don’t have any allergy to oils, you can benefit from the nourishing ability of facial oils. You don’t need to worry about whether it will suit your skin or not. As said earlier, people with acne and pimples can find relief on facial oils. It helps regulates the production of sebum that causes acne.

Due to the anti-aging effects of facial oils, older people tend to use them a lot. They contain antioxidants, which are very effective at slowing down the aging process. Of course, we can’t stop aging since it is a natural phenomenon. We can only reduce their effects on our physical appearance so that we will look a lot younger. Also, it can help remove scars and helps people with dry skin. There are a lot of perks of using facial oils, so a lot of people can use them.

How will it improve your facial skin’s appearance

We have already discussed the amazing effects of facial oils on our skin, so let us now talk about how it will deliver those promises. As everyone knows, facial oils contain a lot of vitamins, which will naturally lighten your skin. They also have antioxidants which most sought after by aging individuals. These substances are the reasons that facial oils are so good at making your skin appear younger and lighter.

Facial oils beautify your skin from the inside as well as from the outside. It does the process in a very natural way; that’s why the effects are most of the time, outstanding. The texture and the molecular sizes of oil allow it to penetrate deep into your skin, making it very effective nourishment for your skin. Facial oils also work as moisturizes, and they usually last longer than serums. They provide a soothing effect, which feels good.

It’s advantages against serum

One advantage of applying facial oil to your skin is it keeps your skin moisturized longer than what a serum would do. Although serums are not traditionally moisturizers by themselves, they do contain a lot of moisturizing substances on their mixture. So, if your main concern is keeping your skin moisturize longer, then you would be better with facial oils.

Facial oils contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, which are all good for the skin. They are also viable options for people who have problems with acne and pimples. Facial oils can regulate the production of an acne-causing substance, leading to a smoother and more radiant looking skin that always appear wonderful wherever you go.


Serums are also quite popular. They offer a lot of benefits to the skin, just like what other beauty products do. A serum is a substance in a liquid form, which houses a lot of active ingredients. They are quite as powerful as a skincare substance. Serums perform well when it comes to improving the overall condition and appearance of your skin. This will surely be one of the most valuable skincare products in your cabinet.

Serums have the ability to intensely hydrate your skin and make it look healthy and radiant. They are lightweight, so they absorb quickly. People who don’t like to stay greasy for more than one minute will definitely like this skincare product.

Oil or Serum

Benefits of face serums

As we’ve said, serums do have a lot of good things to do on our skin. The benefits span from hydrating your skin to treating acne. Yes, face serums do help solve the acne problem, just like facial oils would do. That’s not all; it will also do magic on the signs of aging. If you are terrified of getting old, then you take help on face serums. Of course, you can’t stop aging.

Face serums absorb fast and penetrate deep into the skin. This skincare substance is what you need if you want something that soothes deeply in your skin. Aside from that, face serums will make your skin look healthier and lighter. Anti-aging facial oils are quite expensive, though; they are one of the most expensive. However, they are very effective at doing their job so that everything will be worth it.

People who can use face serums

Just like facial oils, face serums do work on any skin types. That is a good thing since you don’t need to do a lot of research to know if your skin type is compatible with face serums. Everyone can benefit from the wonderful abilities of face serums. For people with dehydrated skin, they can use serums to pump life into the dry skin and makes it appear more vibrant.

Even people who have sensitive skin, they can still use face serums. It is one of the most effective antioxidants that help slows down aging. We will age no matter what we do, but we can do something about their effects on our physical appearances. Serums are one of your best bets if aging doesn’t sound very good to you. It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

How will it improve your facial skin’s appearance

So, face serums have a lot of good effects on your skin. But how will it deliver that promise? Let’s look at the process of how to face serums do the magic. Knowing the process will help us understand the needs of our skin as well as make us feel more confident that the serum will produce good results. Probably, the most highlighted characteristic of face serum is its ability to penetrate deep into the skin of the user.

Face serums have a small molecular size, which allows them to dry quickly and also reach the dermis part of the skin. This is where skin correction and collagen production happens. With this happening, you can surely expect some exciting results afterward.

It’s advantages against facial oils

As we have discussed, serums excel against facial oils when it comes to absorption time and penetration ability. Although both of them are effective nourishing your skin, serums’ ability to penetrate deeper is more preferred since it can help in delivering the nourishments better. The potent actives also work well with the serum formulation.

Serums dry quicker than facial oils, which means that you don’t have to feel greasy for long. As soon as the serum is applied, it will quickly penetrate inside your skin. Although this characteristic is usually good, it also means that it will not moisturize your skin for long. But, that is not a problem since the serum will make your skin look younger and healthier from the inside naturally. That is the most important.

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