Top 10 Best Makeup Mirrors with Light Bulbs: Buying Guide

Every woman could pretty much relate to spending some time, long hours to be exact being in front of the mirror. Every lady knows how important it is to look at their very best not to impress other people but to solely impress themselves. The process of grooming for women does take more work, especially when it comes to applying makeup. Though you may have the current mirror, you might need a dedicated vanity mirror that specifically designed for makeup sessions. This type of mirror comes with bulbs, which provide proper lighting so you can apply your makeup faster and better.

Below is the list of makeup mirrors with light bulbs

1. Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror 6550 – Best Makeup Mirrors with Light Bulbs

Chende makeup mirror review If you have to wear makeup at night or an afternoon for a date or part-time work, this vanity mirror will be a good pick for you. It comes with dimmable light bulbs that you can adjust, so you can see how dramatic you look at night. The product is well-packaged, which means that you have nothing to worry about if it’s going to arrive at your home in one piece or not. There will be 12 dimmable LED lights included. What’s amazing about LED lights is that they illuminate the natural lighting, which lets you see what you’re going to look like as you step outside your house.

It comes with a super elegant design that looks perfect for a tabletop mirror. There’s also a hooked metal that you can use whenever you want to hang the mirror on the wall. Change is pretty much a renowned brand when it comes to providing quality vanity mirrors to thousands of women and girls in the world. Having a make-up mirror is every woman’s dream. If you have much taste for a professional touch of makeup, a vanity mirror would be much of a service for you.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the light projection is decent enough not to form a shadow. The lighting did help in making sure that you provided with natural lighting. You can adjust the degree of shade you want on when applying your makeup. The frame has a glossy finish, which makes it high-grade and extremely beautiful.

Things We Like

Can be used as a countertop and a mounted mirror.

Comes with 12 LED light bulbs.

Give you natural lighting.

Does not create a shadow.

Things We Don’t Like

The side outlet drains the power from the bulb when you use it.

2. Chende White Vanity Mirror 8065

Chende makeup mirror review Some vanity mirror can be disappointing, but this one will certainly put you at great surprise once you received it. It’s well made and come with an impeccable design. It’s such a huge plus that it comes with 2 extra bulbs that you can use when replacing damaged bulbs in the future. So, overall, the item included 14 LED dimmable bulbs. I won’t be surprised if you’ll feel super excited about this once you ordered it. It’s elegant, classy, functional, and beautiful.

What we like about it

This vanity mirror will make you feel like a Hollywood star. It’s in a landscape frame, and it comes with a dimmable know that you can adjust according to the type of lighting you might need. It provides natural lighting. It’s a beautiful piece to add to your room.

Things We Like

Comes with 2 extra LED bulbs.

There’s an outlet for any styling tool that you might use.

Elegantly designed.

Come with a dimmable knob.

Things We Don’t Like

Customer service could be better.

I can’t even tell you how excited my tween daughter was to receive this mirror. It is beautiful and well made. Came exceptionally well packaged and with 2 extra bulbs. I may be purchasing one for myself.

3. Vanity Girl Infinity Mirror

Vanity Girl Hollywood makeup mirror review Ever know someone who likes putting the lamp close to their face when they’re applying their makeup? Make it easier for them with this vanity mirror. It allows you to turn any desk or table into a personal makeup area where you experiment with your looks from this day forward. There will be 13 bulbs included in the item, which is pretty cool to provide the perfect lighting while you’re using it. There are a dimmers switch and a power outlet that you can adjust and use for your benefits. You will then be able to enjoy styling your hair with a curling iron without having to worry about having a free socket or not.

What we like about it

It’s one of the perfect makeup mirrors with light bulbs. It’s no puzzle why we love this vanity mirror. It’s easy to use and comes with great customer service care that you can contact via phone and chat. Its frame made with a metallic finish, which means that this mirror has a great durability feature that could last for years. This type of mirror used by hair stylists and salon professionals all over the world. You can use it, too! And have a little backstage retouching area in the comfort of your very own room.

Things We Like

Comes with 13 dimmable bulbs.

Can be used as a tabletop mirror and a mounted mirror.

Large mirror.

Elegantly designed.

Things We Don’t Like

The quality of the bulbs could still be improved.

4. Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

WanEway makeup mirror review If you do not want to spend too much on a vanity mirror, this will be a great starter option that you might want to try. The WanEway lighted vanity mirror can provide natural and bright lighting while you are in the process of putting up your make up. It gives you clean and bright reflection so you can exactly see how you’re going to look like when you step outside your house. It comes with a metallic frame, which adds to its durability feature. With its size, you will be able to see your entire face given one stare.

What we like about it

There are so many things to love about this vanity, mirror-like the smart touch control design. This is something that you won’t find elsewhere. You will be able to adjust the brightness of the bulbs just by adjusting the switch on the screen; the original brightness goes back once you turn the power off. This vanity mirror backed with the solid construction, which pretty much assures you that you’re getting a great deal with the money you have paid for. It’s extremely easy to use; there will be no wiring or assembly required.

Things We Like

Illuminates natural and bright lighting.

Comes with 12 LED bulbs.

Comes with a metallic frame.

Has a smart touch control design feature.

Things We Don’t Like

The mirror can be a bit smaller than you would expect it.

5. Chende Mirror with Light 6550

Chende makeup mirror review Getting a vanity mirror is surely confusing. There are so many designs to choose from. Well, you can choose the right mirror by determining what you. Now, if you need a wall mirror, this one is a great choice. Chende Vanity Mirror comes with fun lights. It will make you feel like a Hollywood celebrity. The aluminum frame makes this vanity mirror light. It is also very durable. You can easily hang it on your wall. The elegant design and detachable wood base of antisepsis are welcome.

The lights are nice to look at when they are turned on. It makes the mirror look classy and fun. There is a rotary dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the brightness. Of course, if you want to go full-on, you can set it at full brightness. The light will also help illuminate your face, making you see your makeup clearer. These lights are useful in certain situations. They are not just there for decoration.

What we like about it

We certainly like the simple yet elegant design of this vanity mirror. It looks simple but can also style your room. Once the lights are turned on, it creates a magical effect. It will make you feel like a Hollywood celebrity. The mirror itself is quite large. It can cover most parts of your upper body. You can take a look at your makeup.

Things We Like

Elegant appearance.

Easy to install.

Made of aluminium.

Things We Don’t Like

Some may like a more colorful design.

6. Estala Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Estala makeup mirror review Just like the other vanity mirrors in this list, it also comes with dimmable lights. This is helpful in almost all circumstances. You can easily choose the brightness of the lights on this mirror. There is a LED vanity mirror screen which allows you to set the brightness. The most important thing about the lights is the type of illumination they give. Some lights give off unnatural and harsh light, which can hurt the eyes. That is not the case with this mirror; it gives bright lights that closely resembles natural light.

What we like about it

This vanity mirror has a simple design. The brightness of the bulbs can control easily. It won’t hurt your eyes since it is like natural light. The illumination would be enough to let you see your makeup or face clearly in low-light conditions. You can choose between warmer yellow and pure white light.

Things We Like

Adjustable brightness.

Simple appearance.

Imitates natural lighting.

Pure white or warm yellow light options.

Things We Don’t Like

Some may prefer a smaller mirror.

7. Geek-House Lighted Vanity Mirror

GeekHouse makeup mirror review It comes with 12 LED bulbs, which are already more than sufficient to light up your mirror. The bulbs are long-lasting, so you don’t have to replace them anytime soon. They have lives of over 50,000 hours. It can be annoying if one bulb dies out. The mirror looks word. That will be highly unlikely with this mirror since the bulbs are also durable. The size of this mirror is perfect for tabletops. It will give you a comfortable view of your face while applying makeup.

This vanity mirror is perfect for applying professional makeup. There is a stable stand that will keep the mirror in place. It made of quality materials that make the mirror durable. When it comes to appearance, Geek-House Lighted Vanity Mirror does look good. Although it doesn’t feature some flashy designs, it’s simple appearance makes it look professional.

What we like about it

Geek-House Lighted Vanity Mirror is a nice choice. You can easily set this mirror on top of your table. The size is enough to give you a full view of your face. It is not too big that it makes your table look overstuffed. The simple appearance is also welcome. Overall, you don’t beat lost if you decide to get this mirror. It also comes with bright bulbs that give off sufficient illumination.

Things We Like

Durable frame.

Stable stand.

Bright and long-lasting bulbs.

Easy to install.

Things We Don’t Like

Lights are a bit close.

8. Joyful Store Makeup Mirror

Joyful Store-give me 5 makeup mirror review The white aluminum frame is gorgeous to look at. It makes the mirror look very professional. Now, if you want a mirror that comes with lights, this one is a good choice. Joyful Store Hollywood Makeup Mirror is easy to put on your tabletop or hang on the wall. It comes with a dimmer that is very easy to adjust.

What we like about it

This vanity mirror is pretty much similar to other mirrors on this list. It looks very professional and comes with lights that are dimmable. There is a lot of things that you can do in front of this mirror. You can use it while your applying makeup or just checking your facial appearance. It is perfect for all your grooming needs.

Things We Like

Easy to install.

White aluminum fame.

Sleek appearance.

Dimmable lights.

Things We Don’t Like

Could be bigger.

9. Chende LED Vanity Mirror

Chende makeup mirror review Did you ever worry the color of your makeup might appear different outside your room? This vanity mirror can illuminate the “daylight” type of lighting. This, in turn, lets you see your face clearly while you are in the process of putting your makeup on. The light is beautiful, and the overall style of the mirror is super chic.

What we like about it

What could a woman ask for more when she gets white lighting while putting her makeup on? Having a vanity mirror is always one on the Christmas’ wish list of every woman. It’s also a huge bonus that this mirror is super easy to set up and to install. There will need no wirings involved or whatsoever. It’s also fairly priced; this is a great deal if ever you wanted a vanity mirror but didn’t want to pay hundreds of bucks to get it.

Things We Like

Illuminates “daylight” type of lighting.

Elegantly designed.

Perfect for bathroom use.

Things We Don’t Like

The lighting is more blue-toned, it would be better if it would be whiter.

10. Ovonni Lighted Makeup Mirror

Ovonni makeup mirror review Are you looking for a functional and versatile vanity mirror? Look no further, since the Ovonni mirror might be just the one that you’re looking for. It provides good illumination and comes with a cute design, perfects to place in every girl’s bedroom. It also comes with a smart touch sensor design, so you can easily adjust the brightness on the screen.

What we like about it

To be quite blunt, some models have high-end prices, this one? It works well, and it’s fairly priced. If you’re not willing to gamble hundreds of dollars for a vanity mirror, this could be a perfect getto to start with. It comes in an ideal size and is completely functional.

Things We Like

Provides good illumination.

Can be mounted or used as a countertop vanity mirror.

Perfect size for bedroom use.

Things We Don’t Like

The lights flicker sometimes.

Makeups and Mirrors

If you are also using various makeup products for filming purposes like let’s say you’re a YouTuber and you need to test some makeup products, a vanity mirror will help in providing good illumination to your face. A vanity mirror also allows you to function completely hands-free so that you can hold the makeup brush, a razor, or a pair of tweezers at ease.

Do you need a vanity makeup mirrors with light bulbs?

Well, here’s the catch. If you do have to apply makeup every single day due to work or any performances you have to do, or you’re a freelance model. You certainly have to look at your very own best every day, and a vanity mirror will be beneficial for you. It frees both of your hands, so you can be steadier whenever you apply winged liner or whenever you are curling your lashes. And trust me, it’s much easier to apply some falsies when both of your hands are free.

If you’re the type of person who needs to put on makeup regularly, a vanity mirror is for you. It allows you to see everything clearly, and with the light bulbs positions on the sides of the mirror, you can check if your foundation has blended well or not. You can also apply your eyeliner precisely; this can get your face done faster compared if you are having your hand holding a mirror.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re the type of person who does not have to apply makeup regularly. You can make use of the vanity mirror to help you have a closer look whenever you are tweezing and shaving some facial hair. Putting contact leases will also require you to have a closer look, and a vanity mirror could certainly be a help when it comes to that.

Types of vanity mirrors

Wall-mounted vanity mirror

This type can be attached to the wall. Vanity mirrors that can be wall-mounted fairly come in larger sizes. This will be a perfect type if you have a specific spot where you apply your makeup. Having a makeup table near the wall is an ideal place where you can put a vanity mirror. These mirrors are adjustable, which means you can tilt the mirror. The only downside of this type is that it isn’t portable; it stays in the same place.

Tabletop vanity mirrors

A tabletop type of vanity mirror can stand on the table; it comes with a base that helps in the stand on any flat surface. It does not matter where you put as long as it is a leveled space. Mirrors of this type are usually small since they are fairly portable. You can tilt the mirror to get the best angle before you start putting your makeup.

Just do remember that most vanity mirrors are adjustable, which allows you to move the mirror close and tilt it to get the best angle.


Every woman has her sense of style; you can always go for the one that has your favorite color. Also, decide if you wish to have a tabletop or a wall-mounted style mirror.


This mirror is what we refer to as the “versatile option” since you can move it to different locations and place it on leveled surfaces. Most of this type of mirrors are lightweight, which puts you at ease whenever you wish to bring it while you are traveling.


This type is costly and is not portable.


The frame of the mirror can either made with plastic or metal.


Some frames made with thin plastic and thick plastic; if you go for the latter one, you can be sure to get durability features. Plastic frames come in a great variety of colors and are very easy to clean. You have to wipe the tiny dust away, and you have a clear illumination of your face. This type of frame is also lightweight, which makes it extremely easy for you to move it around.


Mirrors with frames made with metal are extremely durable compared to plastic mirrors. Yes, they can be heavy and are not that easy to clean, but they will look classy when placed in your room. Mirrors with metal finishes can come with polished chrome, brass, oiled bronze, or brushed nickel.


Of course, it’s also important that you go for a mirror that you can fairly adjust. A mirror that can be tilted gives you the freedom to make adjustments when you are applying eyeliner and false lashes. Don’t’ worry though; almost all vanity mirror models have this feature, so you’re better off by now. However, some wall-mounted styled mirror can be a bit difficult to adjust. So, you also have to consider that style of the vanity mirror you want to go for.


If you do travel a lot and you need your vanity mirror with you. Then, you certainly need a portable mirror that is lightweight. You can go for a tabletop model that comes in a fairly small size so you can easily fit it in your suitcase.

Buying tip

If ever you’re not sure whether you should go for a wall-mounted or a tabletop one, go for the one that could go to both styles. This tip is something that you could make use of when you are the point of uncertainty.


The magnification feature of the vanity mirror is also important, so it can easily magnify when you need a close-up view when your tweezing and lining your lips and eyes. It’s also important to take note that the magnification is not too high that to the point distorted images are put through. It will be best if you for a mirror that is no more than 10x magnification.

If you are looking for something versatile, go for a double-sided vanity mirror. The one side of the mirror can reflect the normal side and the other side a magnified reflection.


Most vanity mirrors have decent lighting features, which allows you to see everything even when you magnify it. This feature becomes pretty useful whenever you apply some makeup and whenever you shave. If you are looking for a mirror that could provide natural lighting, you should look for a mirror that comes with LED or fluorescent bulbs. Other types of vanity mirror that comes with incandescent bulbs tend to soften the reflection, which provides an entirely accurate type of lighting.

There are other models of vanity mirror that allows you to dim the light bulbs, depending on how much you like it to be. It would be a great idea for you to go for a vanity mirror that offers dimmable lighting features. In this way, you will be able to see if the makeup you put on is perfect for the evening look.

Dimmable light can simulate daylight, evening, and even afternoon lighting. The mirror must be near an electric outlet to power the light on. Some mirrors are battery-operated, which you can conveniently charge with the use of a USB cable.

Automatic lighting

Other features a vanity mirror could have automatic light, where it can automatically detect whether you are still using it or not. The automatic light feature turns the power on once you sit down in front of the mirror when you stand up, the light automatically goes off. If you are in the rush of putting on your makeup, this can be a pretty useful feature.


If ever you are buying a vanity mirror to put it in your bathroom, you may want to go for the one that has the feature to resist fogging. This type of mirror is equipped with a heating pad that keeps the steam from a hot shower, thus condensing the mirror’s surface.

Extra outlets

A mirror that has additional outlets will be quite handy if ever you often use a blow dryer in front of the mirror. You can plug any styling tool without worrying about finding a free wall outlet. This is a good option if you often use a curling iron or any styling tool before putting your makeup.

A vanity mirror equipped with additional outlets can come in handy if you often use a blow dryer or curling iron in front of your mirror. You can plug in your styling tool without worrying about finding a free wall outlet.

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