How To Use Face Toner – What Is Facial Toner and What Does It Do

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Almost all girls like to use toners on there face whenever they apply makeup. It is certainly one of the essential things to use. Now, for those of you who have no idea what toners are, we will give you a couple of explanations about it. We know that toners are already quite popular, and most people know what they are. This article is for people who have little knowledge about toner. They will know about its purpose and how to use face toner for optimal effect. Yes, there are wrong and ways and the right ways of choosing and using a toner.

What is face toner?

If you haven’t seen a face toner before but want to know about it, we have a basic explanation for you. It is just the substance that you will apply the in-between skin-care steps. That means that you will be applying toner before you put the main beauty ingredient. Like before you apply moisturizers, you will apply toner first. The toner will help rebalance the skin after washing with various soaps and cleansers, which could be harsh for your skin.

What are the benefits of toners?

Let us talk about the reasons why you should use a toner. You can skip the toner. You can proceed without it. But, of course, there are certain advantages if you do decide to use a toner. The toner will help prepare the skin for your moisturizers and serums. We know that we need to wear our skin before we apply moisturizers and other skin products. However, the soaps and cleansers that we used in washing could put some imbalance on our skin. With the help of toners, your skin will become well-prepared for applying moisturizers.

How to Use Face Toner

Toners can also help remove stubborn makeup leftovers. It clears your skin of any previously put substances. Dirt and excess oil also removed from your face. It makes for an effective facial cleanser. Even with its cleansing abilities, it still doesn’t replace your soaps. You still have to wash your face to remove dirt and other pollutants.

There are newly formulated toners nowadays that doesn’t cleanse your face. They also treat dryness and acne. Some even have anti-aging properties. Toner is a lot useful than you think. They are becoming increasingly important for your skin whenever you want to apply makeup. Toners will remove any leftovers from the makeup, making your skin appear fresh and clean. Some toners are intentionally designed for dry skin, as there are toners for oily skin. So, how are you going to choose the right toner? Let us make a short discussion about it.

How to choose a toner?

Of course, there are a couple of things that you should look at a toner. For beginners, you can go to a store and expect that all toners will look the same. First off, you have to think about your skin type. What skin type do you have?

What should I look for in a face toner?

Dry skin type

For those people with dry skin, they can pick a toner that can help in moisturizing. Dry skin is if you have a dull and rough complexion. There could be some small pores and tightness. During the winter months, dry skin will become flaky and very dry. It is not an ideal skin to have. It is prone to irritation, redness, peeling, and cracking.

Get hydrating toners. It will help moisturize and hydrate your dry skin. These products should have ingredients like peptides, rose hips seed oil, glycolipids, jojoba oil, and others. Also, you have to toners have alcohol, ethanol, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

Oily skin type

An oily skin type is also not very ideal for women. It makes the skin prone to pimples. There are various ways of solving an oily skin, but toners can help. Choose toners that don’t contain any alcohol, mineral oil, and petrolatum. Toners that have alcohol can make the skin even drier.

Combination skin type

This skin type is also complicated. Some parts of your face could be producing more oils, while other parts are not producing a lot of oils. The T-zone area could be oily while the cheeks and sides of the face have less oil. If this is the case, then you need to buy two types of toners. One is for hydrating your skin while the other one is for refreshing the skin. Use the hydrating toner for winter months and the refreshing toner for summer months.

Sensitive skin type

If you have a skin that is easily irritated by certain beauty products, hot water, spicy foods, alcohol, and other substances, you have sensitive skin. This could characterize by redness, itching, and burn when the wrong beauty product issued. Get toners that are gentle or mild. They should be free of alcohol and acids.

How to Use Face Toner

How to use face toner

After you have picked the right toner for your skin types, it is time to use it. Luckily, applying a toner is very easy. All you have to do is a cotton pat then wet it with the toner. Swipe it across your entire face, chest, and neck. Use the toner before applying any serum or moisturizer and after washing your face. Toners can be applied twice a day.

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