8 Effective Ways of Removing Skin Tags from Skin

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How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags?

Skin can be perfect from all corners. However, when spots, scars, and tags start to settle in, it may cause some stress on your part. Remember, when your parents used to tell you not to wear extremely tight clothes? Turns out to be, they are 100% right.

Sure they are flattering, but the consistent friction and rubbing motion against your skin can cause skin tags. So, it’s always better to invest in comfortable clothes made of breathable materials. You can go for bamboo or cotton materials, they allow you to move freely and lets your skin breathe with extreme ease.

Why do I have skin tags?

Skin tags can also cause by genes and have excess fat in your body. If you are overweight, opt for a healthier diet and spent at least 30 minutes of your time performing exercise every day. These colored flaps extended out from the skin are also medically known as “acrochordons.”

It does not signify red flags about your health unless your tags are too firm to wiggle. There are many ways on how to get rid of skin tags on the neck, armpit, and chest. However, it not recommended that you try to get it off by yourself. You must consult a doctor about it. This might not be the cheapest way, but the safest.

Here are some of the effective ways to remove skin tags

1. Seek professional help

Though the majority of skin tags are completely harmless, as mentioned earlier ago, it is still best to talk with a dermatologist. They know the right step by step procedure for the specific skin tag. Especially, if your tags are in the darker shade of color, unusual in shape, and larger in size. Some tags needed specific medical treatment because if not, they may cause a larger problem when you try to remove them yourself.

Just do note that skin tags don’t usually change in color, in the event this happens. You need the doctor to see it. Your doctor will further put it on further testing if whether it’s okay to be removed or not.

It’s also better when you let the doctor remove the tags since they know the needed medical supervision for each type of skin tag. The instruments that are going to used sterilized, which means that there’s a very last chance for infection to occur. Doctors also know how to reduce pain and the right procedure for the type of skin tag you may have. These are some of the unique benefits that you can certainly use compared to trying home remedies. Especially if the tags found around your eye area, it might be needed to be checked by an eye doctor before it can remove.

2. Let your doctor remove it for you

Trust your doctor; they don’t just know one or two procedures for removing it. Rather, they know multiple ways to get it off your skin safely. Your doctor can either numb the skin with the use of cream and use a scalpel to cut the tag away from the base of your skin. They may also use medical scissors to cut it. This procedure is generally known as “excision.” It’s quick, and it’s painless.

3. Freezing your skin tag

When the doctor suggests freezing your skin tag, this procedure called “cryosurgery,” also commonly used in removing warts. Your doctor will apply a small amount of liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Eventually, the tag will fall off once it’s completely frozen.

4. Burning your tag

This method medically called “cauterization.” Your doctor will use a tiny probe to apply a direct heat source to the surface of the skin tag. The electric current that’s coming from the heat provided will burn the tag. It’s a quick and easy removal.

5. Cutting the tag’s blood supply

Also, medically called as, “ligation.” What happens in this procedure is that your doctor will apply a small band to the base of the tag. The band will cut the blood supply on the upper portion of the skin, which causes it to die and, eventually, will fall off your skin. This is a procedure used for clients who are not in a hurry. It usually takes a few days before it completely falls off. It depends all depends on the location of the tag and the size. This is seldom to be picked by the clients to use in getting rid of their skin tags since it’s more painful compared to other options. However, you can make sure that there are no future tags that will grow again in that area.

6. Garlic paste

Everyone has somehow had garlic in his or her kitchen. One of the best spices some can’t just live without. You can make a garlic paste, and with the use of clean cotton, you can apply a small amount on top of your skin tag. To let it be absorbed, use a bandage. You can do this once a day. This home remedy is proven to make the skin tag eventually fall off from the base of your skin in just 7 days.

7. Use Oregano oil

Oregano oil ave antispasmodic and antiseptic properties that help in killing the blood supply on the tag, making it fall after a few weeks of application. You can apply in between 5-8 drops of oregano oil directly to a clean cotton swab and apply it on your skin tag. Do this 3 times a day. You should see your tag to dry up slowly. This home remedy method usually takes a month or 30 days before you can see results.

On the first day of application, you can tie a silk thread or dental floss around the tag, and continue applying the essential oregano oil for 30 days. Eventually, it will fall off. Once the tag falls off, you can rinse the area with the use of regular water. Apply an antibacterial ointment or oil on the area. You can put a bandage on the area until completely heals.

Again, don’t use any of these home remedies or any DIY skin tag treatment when your tag founded around your eye area. Oregano oils may irritate your skin, if your skin turns red, discontinue using the oil ASAP.

Note: always perform a patch taste to any product you tend to apply on your skin. You can apply the oil at the back of your hand. If there is no allergic reaction after 24-48 hours, you may then proceed using it to more sensitive areas.

8. Just leave it

Most skin tags are harmless; if it’s not harming you in your daily activities, then there’s certainly no need for you be bothered about it. I know this sounds so off the topic since you are looking for ways to remove your skin tag. Well, I’m sharing how you can get off your “skin tag” problems out of your mind. If there are no medical reasons to have it removed, it will be better if you leave your skin tag alone. Various insurance companies often consider skin tag removal procedure to be for cosmetic purposes, so it’s also important for you to check if your insurance backs this type of removal.

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