3 Hacks to Whiten Your Teeth All Revealed!

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While much of the focus of the Grammy Award is the recording achievement of the artist, there’s nothing better than being amused by your fave singer’s white teeth when they sing. There will always be a huge difference between having a beautiful smile because of your matte lipstick versus having a stunning smile because of your pearl-white teeth. It’s not going to be an easy feat to go outside from your house if you know how judging the public eye could be. But you can do some natural tweaks to improve the state of your teeth.
From over-the-counter strips to dentist’s professional treatments, there are endless options when it comes to whitening your teeth. Unfortunately, every viable solution has pros and cons. Some techniques can’t whiten every single tooth, and some could result in tooth sensitivity when done consistently. Leave these factors alone; it would be a difficult and a challenging task to find what will work best for your tooth.

But if you’re up for some gentler way to achieve that astounding bright smile, then these three hacks that we have gathered will work wonders on your teeth. These hacks are safe to execute and does not put your enamel at risk. No need to spend $$$$ on harsh procedures of teeth whitening. Don’t believe us? Browse from the three ways below and see the results for yourself.

1. Coconut Oil Pulling Technique

Can this be real? “With the use of Virgin coconut oil, I can get my teeth whiter?” The answer to your question is a resounding “Yes!”. You don’t have to go extravagant when it comes to having whiter teeth, sometimes going natural is what all you need. Coconut oil pulling is one of the ways that everybody can do. You just need to put some of the coconut oil after you brush your teeth. While many people attest that is quite helpful to them, there are some that are saying that it’s not giving them any results.

You’re not going to see some large result on the first date. True it is that you will feel a lot cleaner after use, but give the oil some time to make your teeth whiter and healthier. Thought you should know that a lot of people have seen significant results in their teeth while by simply applying coconut oil to it. It does not only improve the overall health of the teeth, but it also protects and cleans your gums as well.

If you don’t like the feels when you’re brushing it against your teeth, you may use a clean washcloth as an alternative and rub it on the teeth and your gums. What more could you ask for? It cleans, it protects, and it whitens your teeth. But there’s more. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that help in eliminating the germs found in your teeth.

If you want to swish it, you can do so as well. Just take a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and start swishing it between your teeth for 10 to twenty minutes. This procedure also exercises your mouth muscle giving you the ability talk faster. The study that featured in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Hygiene found out that edible oil pulling therapy causes no side effects and it natural to use. Hence, it can be used to maintain oral hygiene. In a shorter sense, it’s affordable, it’s easy, and it’s effective.

Hacks to Whiten Your Teeth

2. Lemon or Orange Peel Touches

Contrary to the conventional belief that orange peels are not acidic compared to its high citrus content counterparts, the skin of the orange fruits is natural in vitamin C, which can be a good substitute to whiten the teeth. Instead of using harsh teeth whiteners. You can simply wash off the peel, then rub the whitish yellow inner portion of the pee across the surface of the enamel to eliminate the tartar buildup and to minimize the plaque.

Similarly, to lemon peels, they can be an excellent source of beneficial acids that might just do the trick when it comes to whitening your teeth. These foods are extremely healthy, such as benefiting digestion due to regulation levels of the stomach acid. But don’t attempt to overdo the process though for it can damage the enamel of your teeth and don’t press the peels too aggressively. Just like the Virgin Coconut Oil, don’t forget to rinse your mouth thoroughly for best results.

Just rub the peels for around 5 to 10 minutes with a light force, so you don’t hurt your gums in the process. Just remember that you’re doing it to whiten your teeth, not to pull them off. So, don’t attempt to press the peel aggressively. You may redo this one twice a week, don’t do it every day for it may put too much acid and destroy your teeth’s enamel.

3. The Strawberry Magic

Do you know Model Tyra? She mashed up about four or five strawberries and rubbed the tiny pieces all over her teeth and rinse it thoroughly after that. Do you know what, she did it all on her show? Celebrities have been interested in natural procedures to whiten the teeth for they’re inexpensive and does put your teeth in danger.

What in berries? You probably wonder what’s so good in berries. Well, that is a good thought to think about. Berries are rich in antioxidants and other helpful compounds that can improve the overall health of your teeth. But this is not the only basis to improve the health of your teeth; you also have to maintain a balanced diet. Eating foods that will keep your gums and teeth strong is important such as potato, eggs, celery, and walnuts.

The teeth-whitening product can damage your teeth by removing too much enamel off it. Also, consistent use of whitening strips has shown negative effects on dental health according to studies. These 3 good hacks that we have compiled together is safe, effective, and healthy for your teeth. Savor the best version of your teeth today!

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