Top 6 Best Surprising Gifts For the Woman Who Wants Nothing

We all have that special woman in our gifting list, and we always wanted to make their days extra special. If you’re looking for gift inspirations, you have come to the right place. We have purposely written this article to guide you from the first step to the last, so you may come up with the best option to give to your friend. Now that your lady friend is a grown-up woman, it means a lot of things for her. It’s no longer cool to receive gifts when we’re adults compared when we are younger.

Below is the list of gifts for the woman who wants nothing

During the early adulthood stage, holidays seem not too excited to celebrate, and gifts seem less breathtaking to open. That’s why it’s no huge surprise that whenever we ask our special lady what they want for the upcoming occasion, their certain answer is, “Oh, there’s no need. I’m 100% good.” or “You can get me anything.” Each one of us has that friend who wants nothing on her special day but your presence. Though that’s very sweet of them to say, we all know that we want them to remember us not only by our presence but for the gifts we give to them.

1. Chocolate Gift Basket

Golden State Fruit Chocolate Basket review Are you looking for a gift for a woman who’s conservative and enjoys the simpler things in life? Then, giving her a gift basket would be a great idea to surprise her. If she has a sweet tooth, this chocolate, caramel, and crunch grand gift basket will give her a happy treat. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves to snack. This decadent gift basket of chocolate, crunchy gourmet, and more is super yummy and appealing to the eyes.

What we like about it

Well, aside from the fact that it neatly organized and everything seems superset, it comes with a seagrass basket tied with a red ribbon. It’s a definite keepsake to make sure that everything is neat, tidy, and safe in the basket. Not only there are chocolates in there, but there will be drizzled pretzels. Way to go for a lady friend who can’t get enough of sweets. It’s a festive gift that will make your lady friend on top of the world if she’s into sweet stuff.

Things We Like

Great assortment of treats.

Arranged neatly.

Comes with a red ribbon.

Things We Don’t Like

Some baskets are rip off.

2. Echo (2nd Generation)

Amazon Alexa review Are you looking for a gift for your funky or your classy special lady friend? This Echo speaker comes with a new design that will allow you to make calls, set alarms, set timers, ask questions, and even control smart home devices. It’s just great stuff that you enjoy all the features instantly. You can ask for a song with the name of the artist and poof! You have your music on. It’s super convenient, perfect for an adventurous and for a classy lady who can’t get enough listening to good music.

What we like about it

We like the fact that you can make a call or message someone completely hands-free with the use of this device. It’s also easy to connect it to another echo device you have in your home. You can ask questions, and the speaker will provide you the answer like asking for the weather, updates of your order online, and other similar stuff. It’s a cool little object that provides high-quality sound in your room. It comes with amazing software that allows you to do more stuff than having a normal speaker in the house.

Things We Like

Produces high-quality sound.

Allows you to make a call.

You can ask questions.

Things We Don’t Like

Does not come with sound equalizer app.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

LEVOIT Salt Lamp review Choosing a gift is always an amazing experience. If you already know the person which you will give the gift to, you can easily point out what they will like. You will have no problem choosing the gift that they will surely like. However, this is not the case if you don’t know the receiver very well; you will have to get some hint first before heading to the store. This lamp with natural crystal rock will never fail to amaze any girl or woman. It is a perfect gift for your girlfriend too.

So what makes this lamp special? Well, this is just a lamp except for the rock crystals that added to it. The rock crystals create a magical effect whenever it is lighted up. It gives a soothing and calming effect, which will come in handy if you are setting up a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or wife. Adding it to your yoga sessions is also a good idea. It makes the environment relaxing. There is a dimmer switch that will give you the option to adjust the brightness of the lamp. So, if you think the lamp is too bright for you, you can also easily use the switch.

What we like about it

The crystal rocks are not just randomly picked. It’s one of the best gifts for the woman who wants nothing. They carefully were chosen so that only the most beautiful or most appropriate rocks included on the lamp. Also, they are professionally carved to suit the design of this lamp. Overall, this lamp is a great gift, especially if Valentine’s day is fast approaching. It also works well for yoga or other relaxing activities.

Things We Like

Comes with a reliable dimmer switch.

Comes with 2 extra replacement bulbs.

1 year warranty.

Things We Don’t Like

Some may not like the reddish glow.

4. Amazon Tap Bluetooth Speakerf

Amazon Alexa Speaker review If you’re just right off the bat and thinking about gifting the best thing for your special lady friend, the Alexa BT speaker might be the one that you are looking for. Well, it’s more than just a speaker; you will be able to stream your favorite playlist from your phone or tablet to this speaker via BT. It’s an amazing speaker that could provide you the best quality of music for 8 hours in hands-free mode. This is a brilliant idea to give if the receiver of the gift is a classy woman who picks what type of music she listens to.

This will also be a great speaker for the artistic and funky type of lady who appreciates creativity and the art of music. The Alexa voice service can read news and provide you with the latest weather reports as long as there is a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi connection. You can even use this BT speaker when you are ordering pizza. Minor, yet important little stuff to do has never been this easy to achieve. All huge thanks to technology development. The sound is powered by Dolby, which could provide high-quality audio to the listener.

What we like about it

Well, the number one fact that it comes from a reputable brand- Alexa, this means that this model offers reliable features and skills that other speakers can’t do. This BT speaker is out of the ordinary and can surprise your lady friend as you present this to them. Aside from the brand name that you can trust, we also love the fact that it can be operated completely on hands-free mode, which means that you can ask for weather updates and order foods online while you are doing other stuff.

It provides convenience, and all of the said features can be accessed instantly. This little thing is powerful and can make the gift receiver’s life easier. The charging cradle included, so you don’t have to buy it separately. It’s portable, which means that you can bring it just about anywhere you wish. You can control the music from a distance, which is super cool and comfortable. If you think your gift receiver is one of a music lover, this BT speaker will help her enjoy music even more. It’s not difficult to fall in love with the art of music, but falling deeper can only be done with high-quality speakers like this model from Alexa.

Things We Like

Offers hands-free mode.

Provides weather reports.

Allows one to make and answer call.

Things We Don’t Like

A bit difficult to set up.

5. CIELO Pill Holder

Cielo Pill Holders Pill Holder review Are you planning to give a stylish pill holder? CIELO Keychain Pill Holder would be a great choice. It has a nice design which will surely attract the interest of the receiver. Sometimes, it is hard to look for something where you can put your pills in. That’s why a convenient pill holder would be great. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They say that you can return the pill holder if it is not what you expected. However, they also reassure that you will like this pill holder, and you won’t be wasting your time. So, it is less likely that you would be returning it.

Also, bringing a pill around can be quite embarrassing. People may think that you have some serious illness and will maintain some distance from you even though you are just keeping it for an emergency. The good thing about this pill holder is that it is quite discreet. Few will notice that it is a pill holder due to its design. It is very durable and waterproof. You can soak in underwater, and your pills will still stay safe.

What we like about it

Of course, we do like the durability of this pill holder. It made of hard metal, which will make you feel more reassured when putting your pills inside it. You can also customize the holder and add more room for more pills. It is also waterproof. This holder is discreet. It comes with a ring that allows you to attach it to your necklace or anything.

Things We Like

Discreet design.

It is very durable.

100% satisfaction guarantee offer.

Things We Don’t Like

Ring could be more durable.

6. Paris Eau de Parfum

Balenciaga Parfum review What better gift that you can give to a girl other than a perfume, right? Of course, girls like perfume. They like to smell good and feel good whenever they go outdoors. This perfume is perfect for girls. It has a nice fragrance that will surely mesmerize whoever they come in contact with. The smell is not too strong that it irritates the nose. Its smell is just average. Enough to give you a good impression on other people.

Some women doesn’t like perfumes that will make them smell like an older person. Yes, some perfumes only suit older people. That is not the case with this perfume; teenagers can use it. The smell of this spray stays on the surface for a longer time. Even if you are in the outdoors for an entire day, you will still smell great with the help of this perfume. It is consists of cedar, labdanum, samba, and other premium ingredients. This perfume is intended for women so that they will love it.

What we like about it

We like the smell of this spray. It is not too strong or too weak. The fragrance is just enough to make you smell good. It won’t necessarily irritate whoever who will be smelling it for a long time. The ingredients used in this perfume are definitely on the spot. It stays for a good amount of time on your skin or clothes. This quality spray works as an amazing gift on any occasion.

Things We Like

Smell stays long.

Works great as a gift.

Made of quality ingredients.

Things We Don’t Like

Some may prefer a stronger smell.

Why some women don’t want anything during holidays?

Well, let’s say that as we gain age, more responsibilities come into our hands. So, instead of expecting something to be given to us, most of us think that it is our time to give, rather than to receive. And did you know that most women are super caring and empathetic? This means that a generous attitude runs in all of the most of the time, so if your woman starts telling you she wants nothing for the upcoming special day, you should decide what will make the perfect gift for your amazing lady friend.

One of the best gift ideas is something that is useful for the receiver’s life. Something that they will not just use for once. You might think that the whole idea is boring, but it works for some women. One thing for sure, every woman would appreciate a gift that as chic and as cute as the top 6 gifts we have compiled in this article.

Though a lot of grown-up women feel more obliged to give gifts rather than receiving, it’s always a great idea to prepare something for them despite their opposition. In this way, you will be able to surprise them. We know quite for sure that these 6 cute gift ideas that we have compiled are something that you will want on your Christmas list. After all, having fun with their presents know no age. There are different types of women, and one of the keys to choosing the perfect gifts for them is exactly knowing their type and what they love to do.

Hopefully, you will be able to spot something that you need or want among the top 6 list or both. But before that, let us first tackle the first different types of women. If you know the receiver well, then you wouldn’t have any problem. You need to pick an adjective that describes what they love to do in life. As simple as this, you will be able to tailor the best gifts for your loved ones.

8 tips on choosing the perfect gifts for the woman who wants nothing

Every lady has her personality, so you can’t conclude that every girl loves chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears. You don’t need to ache your head thinking about the perfect gift for your woman. We have enlisted these 8 tips, so it will be way easier for you to come up with the best gift to give to your lady friend. For most men, one of the biggest sources of headache is picking the right gift for his woman, either it’s Valentine’s day, anniversary, or her birthday. So, without further ado, let us help you ease your “choosing the best gift” task.

1. Diva

Most of your friends have probably warned you not to date a diva woman. Well, you have warned (just kidding). Here’s the pro-tip when it comes to giving a gift to your diva woman who has an expensive gift. Since she’s the female version of a hustler, that means she has an expensive taste, so she’ll compare your love to the gift you have given to her. The saddest thing is that she’ll see how much your gift is cost.

Your lady diva has high expectations, and some might even have unrealistic ones. She might often temperamental and sometimes rude. She becomes easily overly dramatic even on the simplest things. Just know that you might need to spend a fortune to please a woman that possesses a diva personality. Some of the best gift ideas that you can go for can either be a gemstone, a high-tech gadget, a sleek ride, a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant, or an expensive dress perfect for the runway.

2. Conservative

This type of lady has strong moral values and very principled. She is extremely cautious and practices moderation at all times. She makes sure that she follows various family virtues, and you can pretty tell yourself that she’s going to be a great wife and a mother. In most cases, there’s a huge chance that she’s an introvert and enjoys serene surroundings rather than going to noisy and crowded places.

The conservative type of lady loves spending most of her time indoors. If you go yourself a conservative lady, the perfect gift would be something that could give the thrilling experience that she’ll live to remember. You can surprise her with a voucher to a spa joint, a hot-air balloon ride, or even a camp in the wilderness. It will also be a good experience to take her to trips and live in a cabin for days. She’ll be able to enjoy nature and at the same time, have time for herself to chill and relax, you can also take her to an elevated place where she can overlook the city at night.

3. Funky

If your girl falls under the “adventurous” category, she might be the type of girl who lives on the fast-lane. She’s overtly easy-going, adrenaline junkies have a remarkable sense of fashion, and is always looking forward to adventures. If some of her leisure activities include the following, you got a funky girl: bungee jumping, karaoke singing, partying, car racing, bungee jumping, and other sporty and adventurous stuff, the perfect gift for her can either be trendy clothes, shoes, or a designer handbag. You can take her to rock-climbing, hard rock concert, and even board surfing, which is super full of fun.

4. Religious

If you’ve got a religious girl, then she talks along with bible verses and inspirational quotes. She is full of positivity and always thrives on inspiring you to achieve your goals in life. One of the best gifts that you can give to her can be a heartful date at a romantic restaurant with God in the center of all your conversation. You can also surprise her with a table where there’s a bible app installed and countless eBooks for her to read.

If your religious lady does not like digital stuff, you can buy her physical books instead, so she may be able to have a good read at topics she loves. You can also go with her on a pilgrimage trip to Israel to affirm her beliefs. It said that the best type of relationship is putting God in the center at all cost, if you can afford to do this, then you will be able to provide the best gift to your religious partner.

5. Artistic

Now, if the receiver of the gift is artistic, then you may need to come up with a unique gift idea. It must be something she isn’t expecting. This type of lady is extremely creative, dynamic, and open-minded. Think of something that she might like to have or see that is out of the ordinary or the so-called norm. It will be great if you can come with a gift idea that will help her grow her talents.

If she likes composing songs or painting bizarre objects, then you can tailor something that will help her prosper in something that she loves to do. You can go for a set of colors and brushes if your artistic lady is into painting. A professional camera if she loves to go outside and take a lot of photos. Well, if you can’t afford to spend too much, then you can give her a scrapbook sharing the best and worst memories you had together. It will make your bond stronger, and we’re quite sure that every artistic lady has a room for gifts that came from the heart.

6. Geeky

This is the type of lady gift receive who always ends up top in her class. If she doesn’t have a Master’s degree, she’s out pursuing her second course. She admired by her peers and is well-respected by her profession. She continues to learn and shares her knowledge with others. If your lady friend fits this description, then it would be a great gift idea to surprise her with a super-fast computer, new books, or book her to a trip that would give her more suspense and unique experience.

7. Classy

This type of lady has a refined taste, and in most cases, she comes from a family with an affluent background. She has this polished mannerism and very selective about what type of music she listens to. Some of her hobbies may include playing tennis, reading books, and volunteering to charity works. She’s not much of a flashy dresser or the type of dresses to impress, but rather she’s the type of lady that picks and chooses her clothes to wear to express herself.

Some of the best gift ideas that you go for are rare. It can either be jewelry with a history or antiques that tell a story. You can try gifting her with an exotic fragrance or take her to an opera or a tango concert.

8. Go-getter

The go-getter lady is easy to spot, she’s very successful, independent, a career woman, and she goes at anything she desires. She’s the type of lady that does not stop until she gets what she wants. She’s either working at the high position, or she’s the CEO herself of her own company or business. It may be a great challenge to come up with the best gift that’s going to impress her.

Here are some of the best ideas that we have come up with. You can get her a snow globe or a portrait of herself. It’s not that she’s really into herself and likes the gifts to be everything about her, but she always wants to be reminded that she’s a success, and she made it.

At all costs, try to avoid cliche cards, chocolate bars, and roses. It’s overused and trust us; not all women are impressed with it. You can go for something long, lasting, unique, and creative. Most of your gift receivers are not into price tag, except for the ladies who have the diva personality. This list does not guarantee to work all the time, the best thing you can bet is to know the gift receiver.

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