3 Golden Rules on How to Get a Healthy Looking Skin

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If there are rules to follow in eating a balanced diet and executing an abdominal exercise. There are also golden rules for the skin. Some people think that it’s difficult to achieve the flawless skin all those famous icons on TV have. Which we’re going to prove wrong in this article. On the other side of the coin, some procedures are expensive and painful. But there are some simple and natural ways to improve your overall skin appearance. Though it may take the time to see some significant results, it’s worth to check it out these 3 golden rules- when followed consistently; you’ll surely end up having a healthy-looking skin. Before we proceed to the main dish, let us tackle something about your skin.

Did you know that dermis is made up of 70% water and the epidermis is made up of 15%? It can imply from this fact that one of the keys to keeping your skin hydrated is by drinking a lot of water. Moisturizing your skin with carefully checked chosen skin care products can also help in balancing the level of water found in the skin. You can also choose from a great variety of moisturizing mask regularly to remove the excess of oil on your face. There are many ways to nourish your skin with an abundance of water. Just do note that there’s no trick to getting a glowing looking skin, it takes discipline and consistency to do it. But, you know what they say, all journeys start with a small step. So, start by implementing one to two rules starting today.

1. Be a derma detective and know your skin type!

You could read a thick book about identifying your skin type, but it all boils down to the point that dry skin type has different needs compared to the oily skin one. Knowing where your skin belongs help you to efficiently and carefully chose the products to land for. Just make sure that you are going for products that are essential to your skin. If you have normal skin, you’re in luck, lass! You can use almost every product out there for most of them are purposely made for people who have normal skin type. If you have dry skin, considering products that contain Shea butter, Argan oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, or Virgin Coconut oil can aid in moisturizing your skin. These type of natural ingredients have the ability to penetrate your skin pores deeply that don’t leave you any heavy, greasy feeling that’ll probably be the last tingly feeling you’d want to experience.

For lads and lasses who have oily skin, pure and organic products are just some of the best in the markets that you can consider. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E that aids in balancing the oil production of the sebum- part of the skin that’s responsible for producing oil. One of the most crucial tips that don’t provoke your facial skin to exert more oil is not wiping it with your handkerchief. Yes, you’ve read it right. As you tend to wipe it, it signals the sebum to produce more oil, which is unsightly to look at. So, the best thing to do is to balance the oil production with the help of natural products.

2. Do it with sunscreen!

According to research, 20% of people forget to put sunscreen on their face before heading out and spending time under the sun. One of the most common reasons why the skin gets damaged is because of the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. If you’re out for around 8 am, the UV rays can still be a great source of Vitamin E. However, when as it becomes hotter, it may convert into harmful heat that may make you look older than you age. Premature aging is not good for your skin, and we’re quite sure that walking with fine wrinkles and lines will not be as fun for you to do.

That’s why you have to set aside some time to pick products that have sun filters carefully, it protects your skin from the UV rays, thus saving you from the dangerous effect of the sun, which can increase the skin aging process. Whatever the season may be, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your face for extra protection. Products with SPF can help you enjoy doing what you love under the sun without you having to worry about your skin constantly, so go out, have some fun, and do it with sunscreen!

Get a Healthy-Looking Skin

3. Don’t forget about the lips!

Due to eyeing on the major facial skin area, people tend to overlook on the lip skin, which is one of the sensitive and fragile parts of your face. You just can’t look trendy and girly on a beautiful bare face with cracked lips, that would distort the image. Well, to state a fact. Putting lipstick on your lips can cause discoloration and cause cracks. If you wish not to go out without the red stick, you can do so by starting giving attention on your lips skin. Applying lip balm would be a great alternative than putting a lip shiner. It is safe to use and does add life to your overall facial appearance.

As the saying goes, “Makeup is an addictive drug, you start feeling ugly without it.” Cosmetics are used to enhance your natural God-give beauty, not to cover it. So, just do it simply and don’t overdo it. You can sure be beautiful by taking good care of facial skin. Argan oil can also help in treating cracks on the lips, so it sure does a “liquid gold” that’s worth to try.

Showing your bare face on the public eye could be challenging at the start, but as you go along and start giving attention to your skin. You’ll be confident more than ever as you take your walk. These 3 golden rules, when followed, will sure as fire to give you a healthy looking skin. Start implementing one to two of these rules and be committed to doing it every single day. Be bold, confident, and face naked!


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