Top 4 best shampoo for blonde hair: 2020 Updated Review!

People have different hair colors, whether they have just dyed it or it’s their natural platinum blonde, taking good care of it is different from looking after black hair. Did you know that blonde is one of the hardest colors to get, right? Yes, it has a cool shade, but you’ll be needing a specific shampoo that purposely makes for that color. There are many shampoos out there for your blonde hair, but some may not be able to give you the softness effect that you’ve always wanted for your hair. To keep your blondes bright, we have compiled these 4 top of the best shampoo for blonde hair that could help you produce the results that you have always wanted.

Below is the list of best shampoo for blonde hair

1. UNITE Hair Blonda Shampoo

 UNITE blonde shampoo review The shampoo helps in reducing the brassiness in both blonde and gray-colored hair stands. It’s not sulfate-free, so in case if you’re allergic to sulfate– this may not be the right product that you should and on. It contains mild sulfate for better cleansing and toning of the hair. It does not make any fading issues on the hair. It is free from parabens and sodium chloride, so it’s safe to use for the hair. If you’re wondering how you can effectively use it, apply it when your hair is wet. Lather, then rinse. Don’t exceed 60 seconds hair; if you have a clock in your bathroom, that would be great. Otherwise, you can do the counting in your head.

You don’t have to use it every day, actually using once a week would be enough. Many styling agents have used it because it does what it promises it’ll do. It cleans your hair thoroughly, and it’s a perfect shampoo to use for your blond hair. It takes the yellow and the brass out, so you will surely get a lot of value from this product. It will save a lot of time of having to brush your hair over time. One of the things that we have noticed about the customers is this common complain- they receive a bottle with its content bursting out from the top cap. But, some people have received a well-packed set of their order.

The shampoo does take off the brassy tones off your hair; the only thing is that it contains sulfates. That’s one of the contributing factors why your hair becomes dry and crispy. You do need to purchase a conditioner so that it can help in transforming your dry hair strands into a softer and silkier one. This product is one of the best, and we’re quite sure that you’ll love the results, just like the women who have fallen in love with the product.

Things We Like

It cleans the hair well.

Removes the brass tones.

Prevents yellowing.

Things We Don’t Like

It makes your hair dry.

Makes your hair crispy.


Could it reduce the brass tones in my hair?
Yes, it can.

Does it contain heavy chemicals?
No, it does not. Just lack of chemical content.

Final Verdict

The product is overall great; it prevents your blonde hair from becoming yellowish. We say that the packaging, though, is a bit drawback of this product. After all, who wants their newly arrived order of shampoo has a top that’s on the loose. It could prevent if the manufacturers of the product, put some plastic or foil seal on the bottle so that leaking can avoid. The product is amazing though, in the order, you’ll receive a product that comes with no leak issues, you can call the product provider and tell them that you’d want the product that has no leaks since you have read a couple of reviews complaining about it.

2. B Uniq Purple Shampoo

Unknown blonde shampoo review The product is quite affordable by using this once a week, as recommended by the manufacturer. We’re quite sure that this product will last for months of use. Many consumers have attested that the product thus works wonder on their hair, and the toning effect is there for real. It’s not just a catchy word tied on the B Uniq name to get more eyes to look into the product.

Many women are happy with the results that the product has been serving them; one of the tips that we could hand to you is to skip the conditioner. You might probably ask why? The reason is that the conditioner has no toning properties with it, so you don’t need it in a shorter sense. It can bring about amazing toning results for your hair. You will surely get what you pay for when you decide to go with this product.

When using it, try not to lather it too much or make it too bubbly, just by gently spreading it all over your hair would be enough to make your hair seem toner. It’s a perfect shampoo for blonde, and you’re off to save dimes from buying this one. Just don’t treat it like a regular shampoo, you don’t have to scrub it too hard on your hair, just gently spread it and you’re up for seeing positive results that you could ever imagine. Again skip the conditioner and use this shampoo once a week. It contains lack of chemicals, so you can rest assured that it will not make any serious color damage on your hair.

Things We Like

Great shampoo that leaves the hair clean.

Excellent shampoo for toning.

Free from parabens.

Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended to use more than once a week.

If overused, it’ll be painful on the scalp.


Can I use this every day?
Big NO. You can only use it once a week.

I have a silver hair, can I use this?
Yes, this is for blonde and gray hair.

Final Verdict

The product works well as a toner, but if you mishandle it- it can cause painful spots on your scalp. So, it’s important that you can only use this product once a week. It’s an excellent product that you can use to maximize hair results.

3. Tigi Blondes Shampoo & Conditioner

TIGI Cosmetics blonde shampoo review Having soft and silky hair is extremely important nowadays; it will save you an ample amount of time to consistently brushing your hair over time. It’s an amazing blonde hair shampoo that could help you save from those ‘ole bad hair days that you probably have experienced before. We have placed it in our number one spot because we know this is one of the best products out there, and it’s the best one according to the research we had just done.

The smell is also great, more like a grape scent. If you’re planning to give this as a gift for your loved ones, we’re quite sure that they’ll love what they see. It does not weigh your hair down, and it’s color-safe. This will also do some significant help for your roots. It’s an awesome product to use for people who are natural blondes or blondes who needs a regular shampoo for their hair.

Things We Like


Great for highlighting the hair.

Stops hair from yellowing.

Things We Don’t Like

Stops hair from yellowing.


Do I need to buy conditioner if ever I buy this shampoo?
Yes, you will have too, since the shampoo can cause a lot of tangling.

Is it great for toning my blonde hair?
Yes, absolutely.

Final Verdict

The product itself is amazing, only that you have to be extra careful when it comes to shipping. Some consumers have experienced leaking or broken pump when their orders have arrived. The best thing that you can do is call the shipper and told them that you want the one that has no leaks. Overall, the product is indeed great for blonder hair!

4. Joico Shampoo & Conditioner

Joico blonde shampoo review For a right price, you will surely get a lot of value from this bundle. If you’re planning to skip the conditioner and buy the shampoo instead, you’re making a wrong move, since they are supposed to work together so that you can maximize the results. The shampoo provides you a clean hair, but after applying it. It can make your hair a bit tangly, which you’ll find it difficult to run your hands through. We’re not exaggerating the information we’re giving you. But the conditioner is there to make your hair day a whole lot brighter and with softly manageable hair.

The conditioner helps in turning your hair to be soft from being that kind of tangly rough hair strands — way to go to have silkier blonder hair that you could wear all day long. The result could even be more effective when you follow up some 7-second spray that before brushing your hair- the results will be superbly amazing. Rest assured that this bundle is worth your money and your time. It’s one great way of making sure that your hair remains well-tamed throughout long hours of being at work or school.

If you have just partially gone platinum blonde and you’re afraid that if you use shampoo, it will turn purple rest assured that you would never have the sort of issue if you follow the instructions carefully. It’s safe for people who have blonde hair. You will also not experience any color fading, so there’s nothing really that you should worry about when it comes to using this shampoo for your hair. You can leave it on your hair for 60 seconds, and you will surely notice positive changes in your hair. A lot of women who have used this product attested that the shampoo alone could make their hair strands feel a little drier, but when they apply the conditioners, their hair transformed into softer and more manageable hair.

Things We Like

Shampoo keeps the hair clean.

The conditioners make the hair soft.


Things We Don’t Like

Sensitive skin can give you a rash.


Is it true that it makes your hair dry?
The shampoo does, but if you apply the conditioner after that, it will make your hair softer.

Does it make my hair purple?
No, it will not make your hair turn into purple. There’s no fading and build-up when you use this product for your hair.

Final Verdict

As far as we have done our research, this is one of the best shampoo and conditioner for blondes, and you could expect that you will receive nothing, but the best quality that will apply on your hair. There are rumors that it could make your hair blonde, but the manufacturers of the product have claimed that there is no fading or change of color when you use this bundle. What we can suggest is to follow the instructions carefully, so you don’t have to miss any vital information regarding how to use it. We still do think that this product is worth a try!
Joico has always been one of the top leading brands that could help men and women all around the world who have blonde or gray hair to keep their hair well-tone. These top 4 best shampoos for blonde hair that we have picked will surely give you the best results if and only if you follow the instructions, we know that sometimes we hate to be instructed, but using this product once a week will bring you the results that you are looking for contradicted if you use it twice a week. We hope that this article has helped you come up with the ideal brand that you want to go for. If ever you have used any of these products already, we would love to hear from you; please leave your thoughts below!

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