Top 10 Best Oils For Face Moisturizing: 2020 Buying Guide

Your skin does say a lot about your personality and health. Humans are visual creatures, so don’t be surprised if they can say a lot about you just by looking at your skin. If a person has dull and dry skin, it automatically sends a message to the brain that the person must not have been eating a lot of hydrating foods like melons and cucumbers. On the other side of the spectrum, if we see someone who has radiant, youthful, and glowy looking skin. We can’t help but conclude that the person is in perfect shape.

Below is the list of Best Oils For Face Moisturizing

When you are taking good care of your skin, you can look like you’re in your early 50s, even if you are already in your mid-70s. It’s amazing how great we can look on the outside as long as we know how to take care of our inside. Being mindful of what we pot on your skin and being careful what we put in our mouth is extremely important. Your daily habits play a huge role too on you’re going skin is going to look like.

1. Amaki Organic Essential Oil

AMAKI SKINCARE moisturizer oil review Amaki Organic Oil helps in providing and locking in the moisture in the skin, which overall creates a youthful glow. And just like the many satisfied customers of this product, your face will be able to get that healthy shine and glowing skin. The manufacturer of this product clearly stated that if you are looking forward to having an unmatched freshness, this will be able to get you that. With its blend of natural and essential ingredients like Amaki Jasmine and Rose Nourishing Oil, you can rest assured that your skin is getting a great moisturizer.

Argan oil also helps in evening out the skin tone. So, if ever you are having dark spots on the face or discoloration. This will help you to get an even skin tone in no time. It made with certified organic essential oils which help you to get a youthful and fresh looking skin.

What we like about it

What’s amazing about this product is that you can also use it for your hair and nails. You can use this moisturizer to any part of your body that needs to moisturize. The organic almond oil as we all know is rich in Vitamin E and helps in reversing the signs of premature signs of again. It also reduces the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.

This item also has an evening primrose oil that helps in relieving the skin from irritations and helps in treating the scars. This works just great for people who have sensitive skin. It treats sunburns, acne marks, and wounds. It’s an all-purpose oil moisturizer that works perfectly for dry and sensitive types of skin. The Bergamot oil content also acts as an antibacterial and relaxes the skin tissues.

The rose geranium oil helps in relieving stress and minimizes any inflammation in the body. It also uplifts the mood, giving your skin some extra glow. The jojoba oil acts as a hair conditioner when applied to the hair. And if ever you have experienced using oils that have an awful and dull smell, this oil contains jasmine oil, which helps in revitalizing and soothing your skin. And you can’t forget about the jasmine sensual fragrance it provides.

Things We Like

Contains 8 natural essential oils.

Soothes the skin.

Helps in treating scars.

Helps in eliminating stretch marks.

Things We Don’t Like

Feels a bit greasy and heavy for hair.

It takes time to dry up.

2. Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

Teddie Organics moisturizer oil review If you have been looking for an oil moisturizer that works for sensitive and dry skin, the organic rosehip oil will be your best bet. It works for scalpy and itchy skin types. It also softens the hardened and cracked skin around your heels and elbows. And just like the hundreds of highly impressed customers of this product, you will be able to get rid of the age spots and any damage that is caused by the harmful UV rays from the sun. In just a few drops of this active and effective oil, your facial skin will have the instant glow that you have been looking forward to having.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this oil is rich in essential fatty acids that add firmness and suppleness to the skin. It’s one of the best oil for face moisturizing. As we continue to gain age, our cellular repair system does not repair the damaged cells as fast as we were younger back then. With the help of omega 6, omega 9, and linolenic acids, you will be able to promote the collagen production in your skin. The collagen is responsible for keeping the skin tissues together.

Things We Like

Works for dry and sensitive skin types.

Works well for brittle nails and dry cuticles.

Helps in treating scars.

Smooths the hardened skin around the heels and elbows .

Treats age spots.

Things We Don’t Like

Not a good oil moisturizer for acne-prone skin type.

Has strong smell.

3. Sweet Organic Almond Oil

Eve Hansen moisturizer oil review The Sweet Almond oil is made from the highest grade of oil and is rich in various antioxidants and various proteins. It helps in reducing the dark circles around your face and dark spots. It also reduces wrinkles, which are a great thing. And just like the many customers who have tried the product, you will be getting a well moisturized and glowing skin.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the product is completely organic. It is cruelty-free and made in the USA itself. It helps in combating the different signs of aging, which is a good thing.

Things We Like

Made from highest grade of oil.

Helps in nourishing the hair and body.

Organic oil.

Rich in vitamins.

Things We Don’t Like

Not fast absorbent.

4. Hemp Seed Cleansing Oil

Renewalize moisturizer oil review So, if you have been dealing with acne for some time and have been looking for the best way to get rid of it. You should give this product a go. It contains anti-bacterial ingredients the help in cleaning your pores, thus stopping you from getting acne breakouts from time to time. It’s a certified organic product, so you don’t have to worry about fake fragrances and strong contents that may irritate your skin.;

What we like about it

We like the fact that the item guides the user on how to use the product, and it’s such a huge plus that they clearly label which bottle works for dry skin, for the sensitive skin type, and acne-prone skin types. This is a good deal that you can go for at any given time.

Things We Like

Good oil for acne-prone skin type .

Sets clear instructions on how to use.

Sets clear instructions on how to use.


Things We Don’t Like

Has a funky scent.

Heavy in texture.

5. Vitamin E Serum by Leven Rose

Leven Rose moisturizer oil review This face moisturizer has high amounts of vitamin E and jojoba oil. These ingredients are amazing at improving the health of your skin. If you have very dry skin that was also damaged by various commercial products, this moisturizer will help repair the damage. Aside from those ingredients, it also comes with sweet almond, prickly pear cactus, sea buckthorn oil, and rose oil. All of these ingredients are known for their benefits on the skin. Aside from moisturizing your skin, this will also help heal itchy skin, cuticles, brittle yellow nails, wrinkles, scars, keratosis, and psoriasis.

Additionally, all the ingredients used in this moisturizer are natural. That means that you can expect that it won’t contain any harmful chemicals that might damage your skin. Now, if you want a moisturizer that contains various beneficial essential oils and vitamins, this is a great choice for you.

What we like about it

We like that this moisturizer is free from chemicals. All the ingredients used are 100% natural. That means that you can use it as long as you want. There is no need to worry about getting rashes or irritation on your skin. It also comes with the most powerful essential oils that give a lot of benefits. This moisturizer is very lightweight and absorbs quickly. It effectively prevents acne due to its jojoba oil content.

Things We Like

Help prevent acne.

Helps repair skin damage.

Very lightweight and absorbs quickly.

Moisturizes the skin effectively.

Things We Don’t Like

Take some time before seeing improvements on your fine lines.

The dropper is hard to use according to some.

6. 100% Organic Blend of Olive

Bliss of Greece moisturizer oil review Our skin can get damaged by various means. If you are frequently using commercial products on your skin which contains harmful chemicals, your skin will surely get damaged. Also, frequent exposure to the heat of the sun is another common cause. During summer people likes to go to the beach and go swimming. Even if they are wearing sunscreen, there may still be some possibility of damage. So, if various factors already damaged your skin, you need an effective repair skin repair product. This moisturizer would be one of the best choices if you want your skin repaired from the damage.

It does not only restore the freshness of your skin with its powerful moisturizing ability, but it will also repair the damage. Yes, that is an amazing feat for a moisturizer. It is also not very expensive in the first place yet promises great results. This moisturizer comes with powerful essential oils, which are all-natural. There are no synthetic substances mixed into this moisturizer so that you can give your skin a break from those harmful chemicals.

What we like about it

We do like the fact that this moisturizer is not expensive. Of course, many people nowadays are quite tight on their budget since most goods have increased price tags. Also, its smaller price tag doesn’t mean that it is not very effective. This moisturizer is very effective at improving the look of your skin. It will hydrate the skin and make it look a lot smoother and softer. This is not a surprise actually since it contains some of the most powerful essential oils. All of the ingredients added to this moisturizer are also natural. You can even use this moisturizer on your hair and effectively improve its health.

Things We Like

Made of natural ingredients.

Helps treat hair and skin problem.

Effective natural moisturizer.

Things We Don’t Like

Takes time before seeing results.

7. Teddie Organics Jojoba Oil

Teddie Organics moisturizer oil review It’s another best oil for face moisturizing. Jojoba oil has a lot of benefits to your skin. Aside from it works as an amazing moisturizer, it will also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This oil is one of the most popular ingredients for beauty products nowadays. You might notice that jojoba oil often featured on most beauty products. It is due to their well-known good effects on the skin and hair. This moisturizer only contains 100% organic jojoba oil. There are additives mixed into this moisturizer. You can expect the best effects that jojoba oil has to offer.

Jojoba oil is also good for your hair. It can work as a deep conditioner or shampoo for your hair. It is best to apply the oil on the scalp too. This oil will help repair the damages on your hair and restore its natural shine. But since we are talking about face moisturizer in this article, we are going to focus on its benefit on your skin. Jojoba oil will help prevent pimples. If you have a big problem with your pimples leaving scars on your face, jojoba oil is a great solution. It helps prevent the overproduction of sebum in your skin, thereby preventing acne and pimples.

What we like about it

Like the other moisturizers that we have in this list, it is very effective at hydrating your skin. Of course, having a well-hydrated skin is very important to keep it healthy and smooth. It contains 100% organic jojoba oil. It was also cold-pressed so that no nutrients or vitamins destroyed in the extraction process. You will get all of the benefits of jojoba oil with this moisturizer. Aside from that, this oil will help maintain your youthful look by preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

Things We Like

Useful for both skin and hair.

Prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Helps prevent acne.

Pure jojoba oil.

Things We Don’t Like

There are moisturizers in this list that contains more than one essential oil.

8. Pure Sunflower Oil Moisturizer

Maple Holistics moisturizer oil review It is almost confusing to find the right moisturizer for your skin. Especially if you have very sensitive skin, you don’t want to pick the wrong moisturizer and end up getting pimples and breakouts. That is nasty. Pimples and breakouts have a high possibility of leaving scars too. That’s why you should pick moisturizers that match your skin type. Luckily sunflower oil is good for all skin types. That means that you can use this oil even if you have very sensitive skin. Sunflower oil contains a handful of vitamins and nutrients that will not only hydrate your skin but also improve its overall health.

It easily absorbs on your skin and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. Sunflower oil seals in hydrating moisture so you will have smooth and radiant skin after every application. It has the right blend of vitamins B, A, C, D, and E. We all that these vitamins are very good for our skin. With the frequent application of sunflowers, you will surely notice some differences in your skin tone and texture.

What we like about it

We like this moisturizer since it contains various vitamins and antioxidants. It will help reduce the signs of aging and makes you look younger. Since it has vitamin E, it can effectively help in making your skin look smooth and healthy. This is a must-have for people that have problems with pimples and acne. It helps control the production of sebum and makes the skin less oily. The antioxidants that it contains will help preserve the skin’s collagen elastin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Things We Like

Contains various vitamins and nutrients.

Moisturizes the skin effectively.

Contains antioxidants.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Things We Don’t Like

A bit thin.

9. Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer Oilf

Zugel Oil moisturizer oil review It comes with 4 ingredients. These ingredients are very effective at improving the health of your skin. The four ingredients that we are talking about are Sweet Almond Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Vitamin E. If you have already heard about these substances, you will realize how amazing this moisturizer is. All those four ingredients are combined in this moisturizer to make your skin look healthier and younger. Vitamin E alone is already a powerful ingredient. It helps reduce the appearance of the signs of aging and make your skin look a lot smoother.

No harmful chemicals added to the mixture. All of the ingredients are natural. This means that it won’t have long-term effects on your health as other moisturizers might do. There is even no fragrance added in this moisturizer. It smells alright, even if there is no artificial fragrance. The other three ingredients, which are rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, and sweet almond oil, also has amazing effects on the skin. They help minimize breakouts and fights wrinkles. Regular use of this moisturizer will make a difference in your skin’s appearance.

What we like about it

We like the four effective ingredients used in this moisturizer. This will somehow amplify the effectiveness of each ingredient since other ingredients added to the mixture. It also comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the effect or you didn’t get any effects at all, you can always ask for a refund. This is a good sign that they are confident about their product. Dermatologist recommends it for all skin types. If you have a sensitive skin type, you will do fine with this moisturizer.

Things We Like

Made of effective ingredients.

Recommended for all skin types.

Helps reduce the signs of aging.

Things We Don’t Like

The bottle could be bigger.

10. Sunflower Seed Oil Moisturizer

Renewalize moisturizer oil review Sunflower seed oil is a good moisturizer. It is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E. These vitamins are very helpful for your skin. They improve the skin’s health and regeneration process. While it helps with the healing of damaged skin cells, it will also protect the skin from further damage. If you frequently exposed to the heat of the sun, you can use this moisturizer to protect your skin from the damage. Since it contains antioxidants, it can reduce the signs of aging.

You can use this moisturizer both nighttime and daytime. It products your skin from the damage caused by the sun. It has high linoleic acid content, which also makes it good for prevention for acne and pimples. People with oily skin can truly benefit from this moisturizer. The packaging is good too. It comes with a dark amber glass bottle, which makes it last longer. The dark amber glass bottle will protect the oil from oxidation and spoilage.

What we like about it

It contains various vitamins and antioxidants which you will need for healthier skin. The packaging is good and makes the oil last longer. You will benefit from this moisturizer for a couple of months. It helps with acne and wrinkles, which are common skin problems. You can also use this moisturizer during the daytime since it helps protect your skin from the damage caused by the sun. There is a money-back guarantee which will make you feel confident about buying this product.

Things We Like

Prevents acne and pimples.

Protects the skin from the sun.

Reduces the signs of aging.

Things We Don’t Like

The smell could be better.

The CTM skin care method

Most women’s skin regime is the CTM method. You are probably using it since this is the most commonly used skincare routine and is easy to remember. CTM stands for cleanser, toner, then lastly, applying your moisturizer. It’s effective and works for all skin types. When it comes to choosing your skin moisturizer cream or oil, it can be a bit confusing to which one to go for. For people who have oily as a skin type, they might find it completely contradicting to put oils on their faces when the skin produces an excessive amount of oil already.

Well, there’s nothing to be confused about. The sebum (part of your skin tissue) is the one who is responsible for producing oil for the skin. By putting the right oil moisturizer, it will help to control the oil produced by the sebum. Once your sebum starts producing a normal amount of oil, your face will no longer appear oily. There are many oil moisturizers that you can find in the market, which makes it a bit challenging for you to find the right one that’ll work for your specific skin type.

Did you know that there over 20+ new brands that pop out in the beauty industry every year? And guess what each product has to offer? Every new cream or oil moisturizer will add a new lab generated or natural ingredients for the moisturizing job. This makes it more and more challenging for you to take your pick. Here are some of the things that you can do, so you won’t feel too confused once you are in the market.

Know your skin type.

There’s nothing worse than choosing a product without knowing your specific skin type. If you have been having regular meetings with your dermatologist, you know what specific skin type you have. In case you don’t, your skin type. You can make use of the “tissue test” to know your particular skin type.

The first thing you should do is washing your face clean. Wait for an hour or two and look at your face thoroughly in front of the mirror. If it turns oily or when you put a tissue over your skin and the tissues become a bit wet and transparent, you have oily skin. If you see a flaky skin on the tissue or your skin does look flaky in front of the mirror, then you have the dry skin type. If, after putting the tissues on your face, you see no oily residue and flaky skin, this means that you have the normal skin type.

Just do note that every skin type needs a degree of moisturization. And some skin types should typically avoid certain ingredients. If you have extremely sensitive skin, don’t use products that have powerful formulas, and have artificial fragrances with it. Sensitive skin types are easily irritated and itchy once it contacted with different contents you apply on the face.

For acne-prone skin type, you must consider using an all-over acne treatment or use a spot treatment as part of your skincare regiment. You can look for an oil-free formula and the one that contains beta-hydroxy acid like the salicylic acid; this will help in cleaning your pores.

Try sample sizes.

It takes the experiment to get a perfect daily skin regime, and just like establishing an effective skincare regime, you will also need to go through some serious trial and error before you can get the best oils for face Moisturizing that suited for your skin. Though, you will be dealing with well-reviewed moisturizers in this article. We have carefully picked them for you to save you time and brain energy, but know that it might take for your test and see which one will work best for you.

To save you money and the frustration, you can try out sample sizes of each product and see which works perfectly with your skin type. You can obtain mini or the sample sizes from stores where they sell the product.

Always test the product on your inner arm first. Never apply a particular topical directly on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. It recommended that you take a simple test to save yours from the embarrassment of having a major break out on your skin just because your skin cannot take a foreign ingredient in.

Leave the oil on your inner arms for 24 hours; if it doesn’t show any irritation or your skin does not feel itchy, then you can proceed using the oil all over your face and neck areas.

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