Top 6 Makeup Gift Baskets: Buying Guide & Reviews 2020

We all have a lady friend that fancies cosmetics to improve their appearance. Whether you are shopping a makeup set for yourself or your lady friends, this article would be a definite helping hand for you. The art of makeup and how women use it to enhance their appearances existed centuries ago, famous Egyptian Queens like Cleopatra.

It already existed past centuries ago; in the modern world, being royalty is no longer a requirement for you to be able to use makeup. As long as you know the art of applying makeup on your face, you’ll be able to produce a great masterpiece. When it comes to applying makeup, it’s more than just a touch here and blushes there, it requires of knowing what colors to blend and knowing exactly what you’re going to wear to complement your outfit.

Below is the list of Top 6 Makeup Gift Baskets

1. Holiday Surprise Makeup Set

SHANY makeup basket review The SHANY holiday surprise is a bundle that comes with a lot of beauty tools and accessories that would make a perfect present forever girl and teen out there. What will be included in the makeup kit bag are 1 full-size makeup brush and a set that comes with 10 or more brushes. There will be a one pro brush apron and an organizer where you can put all your brushes in one place. The brush holder is where you can place your brushes whenever you are not using them.

However, the customer may not be able to choose the colors that she may want to since the bundle is pre-packaged by the manufacturer itself. There’s a tendency that you will get the same colors if you order two sets of this kit. If you are a beginner, this will also be a great kit to practice. It reasonably priced, which means that you can save more.

What we like about it

You can expect that the colors are as bright as pictured. For teens who love creating smoky eye-shadows, this will be a perfect kit that they could practice on. The eye-shadows pigment that helps you create the look that you’ve always been wanting. There’s no need for a setting spray since with the use of a light primer; you can look good all day. This makeup kit would make every teen happy.

Things We Like

Great makeup kit for beginners.

Eyeshadows are very velvety.

All colors are bright as pictured.

Things We Don’t Like

There’s no foundation blush included.

2. Harmony Makeup Kit

SHANY Cosmetics makeup basket review Are you looking for a make-up kit that makes with quality? You can give this makeup kit a try. The eye-shadow colors come in great variety color, which you can mix and blend and see, which works great for you.

What we like about it

What we like about this set is that it’s complete already, which means that you can start using them already once you take it out of the packaging. You can experiment with various colors since the set comes with a lot of choices.

Things We Like

Made with good quality.

There are many colors to choose from.

Complete set.

Things We Don’t Like

Some of the eye-shadow pans not glue tightly.

3. Home Spa Gift Basket

LOVERY makeup basket review Are you looking for the perfect gift that will be suitable for your loved one who loves to relax? Then this spa gift set would give you the treatment that you’ve been looking for. It beautifully packages in a gorgeous cosmetic bag that comes with a handle; you can buy it then give it as a present.

What we like about it

Naturally, women always wanted to have time to relax so they can relieve themselves from stress. There will be bath salt, shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, bath soap, and scrubber included in the product. Everything is all set for a relaxing bath. It is such a great set that will make your skin softer and younger-looking after a bath.

We also like the fact that the packaging is on point, and every product is well-placed. It makes it a perfect present for a loved one whose birthday is just around the corner.

Things We Like

Complete spa gift set.

Pleasing fragrance.

All set in a bag.

Things We Don’t Like

Scrubber could be better.

4. LeliaSea Spa Gift Basket

LeliaSea makeup basket review The 6 in 1 Spa Gift Basket creates a hydrating effect when applied, which means that it will provide you a well-hydrated look. It is important to have a glowing effect when we have our makeup on compared to having dry skin. What’s amazing about this makeup kit is that it can be easily absorbed and dries quickly.

This kit includes some body lotion, which can help you feel so soft. At the same time, it does not lave your skin feel any greasy or tacky. There will be six various amazing products included in the bag. The first will be the face cream, body lotion, lip balm, bar soap, and 2 facial masks. We’re quite sure that you’re going to love the lotion since it’s super hydrating and dries quickly on your skin.

The Dead sea mud soap makes with essential oils, multi-vitamin complexes, and herbal extracts. It’s a natural soap which is one of the reasons why it’s good to sue for your skin. The ingredients are super nourishing, which is a great thing. This makeup kit comes from LeliaSea which offers 100% money-back guarantee if you happen not to like their products.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the 6 ingredients included in the kit are super hydrating, which provides your skin the nourishing effect that will make it appear healthy on the outside. Of course, if you’re eating healthy, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve that healthy looking skin that you’ve been looking for. We’re quite sure that going to love the hand cream since it provides the perfect hydration effect that is difficult to find in other brands.

Things We Like

Hand cream is super hydrating.

Comes from Lelia Sea brand.

The facial masks are effective.

Things We Don’t Like

Does not come in a basket as stated it would.

5. Bronzed Brush Set

EcoTools makeup basket review Getting the right to make upset can be tricky. Of course, you want all the tools that you need in the set. So, what are the tools that you will need? Well, it still depends on you. But, if you want a makeup set that comes with tools that you will most likely need, EcoTools 6 Piece Starter Set is a good choice. It comes with high-quality brushes, which will last long. The brushes are soft and very easy to use on your face. They won’t irritate your skin when you are using them.

With the help of the handy tools which come with this set, you can easily create stunning makeup in just five steps. That is pretty quick and would be helpful if you are in a hurry. The initial step includes using a concealer brush to achieve an even complexion. Next, is combing the brows and lashes carefully. This set comes with a Spoolie. Then Angled Liner will take care of your lids and brows. After that, you can now blend color with the help of the Shading brush. Finally, apply the makeup on your face using the Powder/Blush Brush.

This makeup set somehow helps the environment since it makes of recycled aluminum and plastic. If you want to contribute to the proper maintenance of our environment, you can start by getting this makeup set. The handles made of bamboo, which is easy to grow and replace. The packaging of this set makes 100% Tree-Free paper. This is a nice characteristic of a makeup set. People are using makeup almost every day, so wasted from makeup sets can pile up quick. Having an eco-friendly makeup set is a big help for our environment.

What we like about it

We like that this makeup set is very easy to use. You can apply the makeup quickly with the help of the handy tools which come with it. The fact that it also makes of recycled materials is a significant factor. You would be helping in maintaining the balance in the eco-system, which is a major contribution that you should be proud of. Now, you wouldn’t have any problem with your looks anymore. This makeup set has most of the tools that you’ll need for improving your appearance.

Things We Like

Made of recycled materials.

Various brushes are available.

Brushes are soft and comfortable to use.

Things We Don’t Like

Some say that the brushes don’t hold powder very well.

6. Luxury Spa Bath Set

Pure by Rachelle Parker makeup basket review Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife? Maybe this makeup gift basket will do. We all know that girls to take a relaxing spa. Giving them this bath set might be one of the most thoughtful gifts that you could give to them. They will surely appreciate this gift if they love to relax in a spa. Even if they don’t go to a spa frequently, this set will still surprise them. It comes with lotion and other creams that they can use during shower or bath.

The good thing about gift sets is that they contain a variety of items that will make an impact on the receiver. Getting only one item after opening the gift box would be boring. That’s why if you want to make the receiver happy, giving them gift sets would be a good thing to do. This gift set contains substances that will make for a relaxing and nourishing bath. The nice fragrance coming from the shower gel, bubble bath, and lotion will last for the entire day. Feeling beautiful allows you to look beautiful.

Women like to look beautiful. They appreciate any beauty products as a gift on their special day. However, it should not just be some random beauty products. The product should also be effective and won’t irritate the skin of the user. Rachelle Parker’s bath set is highly effective at improving the looks of your skin. It has the cleansing and exfoliating effect needed to remove dirt from the skin, revealing its true appearance.

What we like about it

We do like that this set comes with effective beauty products. Your wife or girlfriend won’t just be surprised with the nice fruit scents but will feel satisfied with the amazing cleaning effect. Overall, it would be wise to get a bath set rather than buy each product separately. By buying a bath seat, you would be able to save some money. Also, the products would work well together since they are from the same brand. Get this makeup gift basket now and surprise your loved one on their special day.

Things We Like

No harmful chemicals.

Perfect gift for any occasion.

Things We Don’t Like

There are better choices in this list.

Why do women love to wear makeup?

Wearing makeup is not a requirement, but during the millennial era, you’ve probably seen 12 years old who stuffed their faces with makeup. This kind of art is available to anyone, make sure that you pick your cosmetic products very well. As much as possible, go for water-based products, they have lesser chemicals in it, thus giving less damage to your skin.

Let’s face the truth that if you wear makeup every single day, your face without it will never be the same. So, if your “make-up free days” are extremely important to you and Letting your face breath is never a bad idea. Just use makeup when it’s a requirement for work and if you need to attend a party. Any event that requires glamor is a perfect time for you to enhance your natural features. Makeup naturally gives women that “heighten” look.

It’s undeniable that we all want to have lusher and longer eyelashes, the only way to achieve it is to be blessed with good genes, applying fake lashes, applying mascara, or growing them by months Well the fastest way to achieve it is buying fake lashes or applying some mascara. If ever you happen to have naturally long eyelashes due to your genes, then you can do little about it, flaunt it.

Aside from giving a look that ladies have always been wanting, makeup is said to have the ability to boost confidence among women. It can be daunting when you go to a cosmetic store and face a lot of options and choices on which one to buy.

Choosing the makeup kit that’ll work for you takes trial and error.

Did you know that when it comes to knowing what works and what will not take an experiment? It’s not easy to find your beauty spot just by using the first beauty products that you have bought. You’re going to need to explore to find the best cosmetic products that give you the perfect blend that you have been looking for.

You will never know the makeup kit that would perfectly enhance your natural look unless you try a kit or two. And besides, it would be fun to try and make a new look for yourself until you come with your favorite one. So, if ever you have experience buying your first makeup kit, and you happen not to like it, that’s fine, it happens to everyone. The art of using makeup is a skill, so you can’t expect to get the best look that you can ever be overnight.

The following are the different tips one can use when it comes to choosing cosmetic products.

1. Don’t rush in buying. When you’re in the shop, don’t try to rush everything. As much as possible, take your time in choosing the makeup kit that you’re going to buy. For a lot of women, it’s way easier for them to end up purchasing items due to “impulse buying.” We’re quite sure that you have experienced it as well when you are first buying beauty products.

Just keep in mind that there are many new products and colors that you can choose from once you are in the store. Your best bet is to research what makes a good product and what’s not. Never rush yourself in buying, if you feel like you don’t have to shop for it, then maybe you can wait for your free day so you will have peace in mind when buying your product. It’s all in the timing; you can try paying visits to the counter at off-peak times during Sundays. On Sundays, you can make sure that the make-up artist is not in a rush.

You will have more time to see what works best for you and what’s not. You can keep the lunch breaks for quick visits when you already have in mind on what cosmetic products you’re going to buy. This is just one of the best ways so you can avoid experiencing impulse buying. Just remember that to buy the best makeup kit, it must be with perfect timing.

2. Befriend the make-up artist. It’s worth your time to talk with the make-up artist as well. They will be more open up to you on what looks good on you and what’s not. You are also less likely to feel to open up about your suggestions to the make-up artist if you’re friends with him/her in the very first place.

Ever heard of the phrase, “loyalty rewarded.” This is true and very applicable to what you do in your daily life. When you continue buying to the same store with your cosmetic products, they will start to build up trust for you. They love customers who go back to their stores for exclusive deals. In return, they will e more in touch with you about the limited-edition products they have in hand and might even offer you to put your make-up completely free of charge. They will also inform you about various special events.

3. When picking makeup kit as a gift for a special someone, make sure you tailor the kit to her. When buying a make-up kit for a friend, it can be challenging to pick the blends and colors that would be suitable for your friends. In this case, you will have to consider your friend’s skin tone so that you can ask guidance from the make-up artist or sale’s lady.

4. Don’t easily trust what you told. There are often when the make-up artist suggests a perfect shade for your face can be wrong. It’s not that they don’t’ know what they’re recommending, but sometimes the lighting in the store might change their opinion about the best shade that’ll match your complexion.

The best thing you can do is to go outside your house and see the actual make-up color against the natural light. In this way, you should be able to see whatever works for you and what’s not. Most stores built with artificial lights that might not reveal the best color of foundation that would work for your face.

Additional tips

Be careful about what sellers tell you. Here’s the thing the main mission of every seller is to make sales so they can get a commission or earn big bonuses when they do. Now, it’s never your responsibility to buy the main product after testing some samples if you feel like you don’t like it or you don’t just need it.

Be careful about the sales assistants, though; they might make you feel insecure about having you buy their products. They might comment on your current look, don’t let that confuse you. If you happen to dislike the product, then say “no” to it.

Know what you want. Here’s the thing if you don’t want to deal with what might the sales assistant have for you, you can try browsing cosmetic products online. Not only that, you can avoid the pressure and potential “impulse buying” occurrence, you can compare prices in every online store. Because there is a huge chance that some stores have retail prices, and some might have added to the original prices.

According to research, most prices on online stores much lower compared to stores. This is one of the reasons why many shoppers turn to online stores when it comes to buying cosmetic products.

If this is the first time you are buying different cosmetic products, the following are the basic must-haves for you to complete your makeup. For first-time buyers, there’s a huge tendency that you might overspend. Some of the make-up assistance might tempt you to buy more than what you need. The following are the different must-haves for your makeup bag.

1. Bronzer. This, of course, is a necessity when it comes to giving warm to your skin. It’s good in the evening the skin tone of your face and in contouring your cheekbones. It will be best if you go for a bronzer that does not come with any shimmer.

2. Black mascara. Of course, who wouldn’t want to have longer eyelashes when they are about to attend an important event. When you are wearing that dream black dress of yours, it will be best if you match it with black mascara. Just keep in mind that it will not be a good idea if you use one mascara then the other. Using 2 or more mascaras to achieve longer lashes can lead to your lash hair to fall over time.

If you’re the type of person who needs to have longer lashes most of the time for work purposes, then it might be a good idea for you to go for fake eyelashes that you can put on your eyes for a month, then have it redone again after a month. They will be using a stronger glue so that it will stick to your eyes for a longer time.

3. Blush. Of course, after evening the skin tonne of your face, you will need some blush to pout some color on your face. It helps in bringing life to your facial skin and helps you achieve that rosy cheeks that you have been dreaming of having.

4. Eyebrow product. We know that nowadays, it’s a necessity always to have your eyebrows looking good all the time. If you don’t have happened to bless with naturally thick eyebrows, don’t feel bad about it, since there are eyebrow pencil that will help you shape the eyebrow that you’ve always been wanting to have. There is also a gel that you can use so you can tame your brow hair, making them appear longer.

5. Eyeshadow. Of course, it’s important to have an eyeshadow to create a dramatic effect on your eyes. Some of the celebrities who have those “smoky eyes” are Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. It’s no secret that aside from having excellent make-up artists, they also have had a reliable make-up eyeshadow kit that helps in providing the look that they’ve always been wanting.

6. Eyeliner. Of course, you can’t achieve that perfect glam look without the use of eyeliner, it gives an in-depth for your eye, making your eye appear deeper.

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