Top 6 Best Fitness Gift Ideas For Her Who Are In Love With Fitness

Everywhere you look, you will find various devices and accessories that every fitness lover has on their “wish list.” Whether your friend is a runner, a swimmer, a cyclist, or just a gym freak, choosing a gift for her would be a piece of cake. The problem only arises when you start feeling like you caught in the middle, and you don’t exactly know which one you should give the green sign.

Below is the list of Best Fitness Gifts For Her

Of course, we don’t want to save your precious time and brain energy, that’s why we already had whittled down the list to only the best 6 gift ideas that are very suitable for women who can’t get enough of the fitness world. We have included different products that fall from low to high price range, which means that you’ll undoubtedly find one gift idea that suits your budget perfectly. Instead of going for gifts that your lady friend have used to like jewelry and perfume, why not get her something that she’ll love using every single day.

We have created this article, not only so you can pick the best present but provide you with updated information about the high-tech gifts that every fitness lover would savor to experience. Every fitness woman will have soft knees (out of happiness) when they receive gifts that suit their daily hobby. It’s like letting them know that you appreciate them committing to fitness, and you know what they love.

1. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex fitness gift review Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend who loves to do weightlifting? This pair of dumbbells might be the one that you’re looking for. The dumbbells can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 pounds, depending on how much weight you wanted to lift for your workout set. Each dumbbell can be easily changed in 2.5-pound increments up to 25 pounds. You will love the fact that it’s super easy to switch and adjust.

It also helps you have more space while exercising since you don’t need to have multiple dumbbells cluttering around your workout space. This set of dumbbells come with a 2-year warranty, which means that if somehow you’re not satisfied with, you can easily get it replaced or get your money back. According to fitness gurus, weight lifting can help you build muscles faster than cardio, and some even claim that cardiovascular workout may lead to having a flat ass.

That’s no way for every woman out there would dare to have, everyone wants some booty. It’s easy to adjust the weight so that you can switch from one exercise to next without much of an interference. With this pair of dumbbells, you will be able to perform a different workout for your chest, legs, back, shoulders, and arms.

It can be a bit distracting when you’re working out, and you’re frequently disturbed by the sound of noisy dumbbells. For quieter workouts, this pair of dumbbells is the one that you can go for. The metal plates are purposely encased, so it provides you a smoother lift. They are also super durable, which is a good thing. Your workout room becomes more spacious and more efficient with this pair of dumbbells.

What we like about it

One of the things we like about this pair of dumbbells is that they are very well made and safe to use. The manual provides excellent detail on how should you use it. And it also warns that there will be moving parts, so it’s essential to give extra care when using it. Although many customers complain that you have to return it to the same angle when you are putting them back to the stand, trust us, it’s super easy to do and shouldn’t be an issue if you know how to follow simple instructions.

Another thing we love about this pair of dumbbells is that they’re super durable, which means that it will last for years. It’s a good deal that comes with a reasonable price. You also have to be careful not to drop these from a certain height. It comes with a 3-positioned bench that would make you feel you have a gym in your very own home. It’s an excellent pair of dumbbells and is perfect gifts for every weightlifter out there.

This pair of dumbbells are pretty easy to use; they are made sturdy for your safety and allows you to create more space when you’re working out. There are thousands of customers who are satisfied with this pair of dumbbells and have said that it has helped them a lot in their workout schedules.

Things We Like

Comes with a bench.

Easy to switch.

Can be adjusted up to 53 pounds.

Things We Don’t Like

Packaging could be better.

2. Garmin Forerunner Watch

Garmin fitness gift review Another great gift idea for your workout lover friend is the Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch; it helps in tracking how fast and how far you can run, and you are not required to have any phone with you. It comes with a 14/7 heart rate monitoring, which informs your heart rate all day and night. It is such a huge plus that there are no straps required. It provides “vibration” alerts that notify you of activity tracking milestones and informs you about virtual pacing progress you make.

The display’s resolution is in HD, so it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor viewing. You can also perform auto uploads, live track, and music controls. It’s an amazing watch that will not only keep you in shape but also comfortable to wear. When it comes to working out, you must wear something comfortable, so you can focus more on the workout set you’re trying to complete.

It’s available in black color, which is perfect to wear for both men and women. It’s great to wear whenever you are working out outside. It can be boring to do cardio, Zumba, or weight lifting sometimes. If you feel like you wanted to go for a run, then you need a watch that will track all the progress that you are trying to build.

What we like about it.

You will be able to monitor the key aspects of your running and fitness progress with this awesome watch. You can finally track distance, pace, calories, and more. You don’t need to have any chest strap since the elevate wrist will monitor your heart rate 24/7, which is a good thing. You can connect it to your smartphone or not at all. What’s amazing about this is that it can display text, emails, and social media and alerts you on your wrist.

If you have a friend who loves to run and take walking breaks, this will be a perfect watch for them. You can choose from run/walk mode; this cool gizmo will tell you when is the perfect time to slow down and when is the perfect time to put some little speed. This will make a perfect gift for you every workout lover you have in your life.

Things We Like

Can be connected to your phone.

No need for chest strap when monitoring your heart rate.

Comes with run/walk mode.

Things We Don’t Like

Heart rate is sometimes not accurate.

Limited sensor compatibility.

3. NIKE Running Shoe

NIKE fitness gift review Women like to take off their bodies. If you are looking for a good gift for them, a good pair of running shoes won’t go wrong. It is an important accessory for exercising. The shoe should be both comfortable and durable. Of course, if you are planning to give them a shoe, you should know their shoe size. Try looking at their shoes or asking them directly. However, the person that you are planning to give the gift to is already a fitness enthusiast; there is a chance that they already own a pair of running shoes. If that is the case, you have to give them something different so that they will feel surprised by your gift.

NIKE Women’s Free RN Flyknit has a rubber sole. It is very comfortable to wear. The shoe is also light, which means that it won’t add much weight to the foot of the user. They can run effectively without much constraint. It provides enough wriggle-room for your toes. Comfort is one of the things that these shoes can offer. It prevents the cramped feeling on your toes after running.

Wearing this show wouldn’t take much time or effort. It works well if you want a shoe that you can grab and wear whenever you need it. This shoe slips easily on your foot so that you don’t have to tie anything when wearing them. It allows you to jump to your tasks faster and avoid wasting time. This shoe is durable. It can withstand much punishment during your running sessions. That means that you can run at whatever speed you like without worrying about the shoe torn apart.

There is no need to worry about your feet feeling hot while on a vigorous workout. It comes with breathable upper materials that allow air to flow inside the shoe. Avoid much buildup of bacteria inside the shoe by keeping it cool and dry. Using a sock that also allows air to flow freely is also a nice idea.

What we like about it

We do like the design of these shoes. It looks amazing for running shoes. If you are planning to give this to a person who dislikes boring-looking shoes, they will love this one. It has a colorful design that will inspire interest from anybody. NIKE Women’s Free RN Flyknit is also durable. It is perfect for people who run or hike through the mountains and rough terrains. Due to the unique design of this shoe, the midsole foam becomes thicker once it is perpendicular to the ground. This results in soft cushioning when your foot lands on the ground.

Things We Like

It offers good responsiveness.

Comfortable to use.

Interesting design.

Things We Don’t Like

The outsole collects rocks.

Should be worn with socks.

4. Garmin Activity Tracker

Garmin fitness gift review While you are exercising, it is always nice to monitor your progress. With the help of this little device, you will have enough ideas on your progress. It will also give you vital information on how hard you are currently working. Aside from that, it offers a couple of useful features that will come in handy while you are away from your phone. We wouldn’t be bringing our phone all the time, especially if we are out there running or doing aerobic exercises. This wrist device doesn’t only monitor your progress; it also allows you to receive text, call, and even emails.

Those features are certainly helpful with the kind of lifestyle that we have nowadays. We couldn’t afford to miss some important messages from our loved ones or calls. You can receive smart notifications from your mobile device. So, if someone calls or texts you while you are away from your phone, you would be notified. This will perform some vibration alerts so that you would need to look at your wrist now and then. Another nice feature of this device is its long battery life. It can last up to 5 days on regular use. That is quite acceptable, especially if you need the tracker very often. A charger cable is available if the time comes that you need to charge it.

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker is water-resistant and can submerge to 50 meters of water without malfunctioning. It’s one of the Best Fitness Gifts For Her. This makes it perfect for pools or other underwater activities. If you like swimming and wants to monitor the intensity of the activity, this device is perfect. It is also useful during mountain hiking since it is also durable. Even if it somehow falls in a river, it will still function normally.

It can monitor your heart rate, number steps taken, distance, and other very useful information during physical activities. The strap materials are silicone. It won’t tear apart easily and can withstand years of usage. This device should be with you every time you could out there exercising your body. It offers a lot of usefulness for every fitness enthusiast.

What we like about it

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker will assess you while you are working out your body. Monitoring our heart rate, calories, and other important information would be helpful in your workout. It will allow you to measure the effectiveness of physical exercise. Another feature that we like about this device is the ability to sync with your phone. You can receive notifications if you receive any calls or messages from your phone. It is waterproof and comes with a durable strap. Getting this device as a gift is a smart decision.

Things We Like

It is waterproof.

Monitors the intensity of your exercise.

Receives texts and calls.

Things We Don’t Like

Other models have longer battery life.

5. Polar Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker

Polar fitness gift review If you are looking for a gift that will help be helpful for any exercising activities, you should get this one. Technology has gone too far, and you can now monitor your heartbeat as well as other relevant information live. This would be extremely handy if you are trying to keep track of your progress. Like if you think that your heart rate is way too low to burn enough calories, you will decide to run or exercise faster. It will also help you determine the intensity of your workout. Of course, you have to increase the intensity of your workout to keep developing constantly.

Polar H7 Bluetooth is a perfect companion for every fitness enthusiast. With its long battery life and waterproof construction, you can practically bring it anywhere. Whether you are planning to run through the mountains or swim in the pool, this tracker can keep up. Since it is waterproof, you can bring it underwater. To make the battery last longer, you should remove the transmitter from the strap if it is not in use.

The calorie counter allows you to know how much calories you are already losing. People who are undergoing a diet plan could be counting the calories they are putting in their bodies. They will also need to lose a certain amount of calories for the diet plan to working. This tracker will give them the information that they need. The Polar Beat app, which can be linked to the transmitter easily, will help you monitor your progress. It will also guide you while you are doing those physical exercises. Using the app, you can choose from the 100 types of exercises. Next, you can decide the time, duration, distance, and other factors. Then, a voice will guide you in the right heartbeat while you are performing the exercise. Finally, you will get a summary of your exercise as well as your route.

Polar H7 Bluetooth has a nice sleek look. It doesn’t look too stylish or decorated. The simple look of this device is not a problem. The user might spend most of the time hiding this device under their clothes anyway. It is quite thin, so it won’t create a discernible bulge when worn under the clothes.

What we like about it

There are a lot of things to like about this device. Aside from it monitors your heartbeat accurately, it also gives some insights into your training with the help of its app. The app will guide you while you are doing the physical exercises. It is quite thin so it can easily hide under your shirt. Battery life is good enough for frequent usage. This device is a good gift idea for girls who like to keep their body fit and healthy.

Things We Like

Comes with GPS.

Comes with a useful app.

Good battery life.

Things We Don’t Like

Not for all sizes.

6. Raleigh Women Bike

Raleigh Bikes fitness gift review Cycling is good exercise. It allows you to burn a lot of calories while traveling more distances. You can go sightseeing while riding a bike. It is both a relaxing and tiring activity. However, if the receiver bikes, they will surely appreciate this gift. The design of this bike is quite old-fashioned but comes with a durable steel frame. It is designed for girls. They will surely like its look. Men can also use this bike. It is still comfortable to ride even for men. The durability of the frame will make this bike last longer. You can rely on this bike if you are planning to travel fairly long distances.

Aside from the durable, this bike comes with double-wall rims and wide tires. It is perfect for driving around the town or city early in the morning. The tires allow you to drive the bike around effortlessly. With the tall front end and low swooping top tube, users would be riding in an upright position. It allows them to ride the bike in a relaxed manner. Even with its classic look, it does come with modern components. There is the 7-speed drivetrain that comes with a grip shift. The basket is located at the back of them instead of at the front. This allows the user to steer and balance easily.

What we like about it

We like the nostalgic design of this bike. It is also durable and easy to control. The basket will hold some of the accessories that you will need while driving around the neighborhood. Also, it is located at the back so the rider can steer easily. This bike comes not fully assembled, so you have to put some of the parts together before you can use it. But, there is no need to worry; it is quite simple for experienced people. If you are not confident about assembling it yourself, you can always go to a nearby bike shop. Anyway, there is a helpful live chat available and a couple of videos that should help you with your questions.

Things We Like

Reliable frame and tires.

Durable parts.

Offered in five sizes.

Things We Don’t Like

Partially assembled.

Picking the best fitness gift for her could get tough.

This definitely can happen when, in the very first place, you do not have any idea of which one you should go for. Yes, it can get overwhelming, especially when you a lot of possible choices that you can land on for. The best thing you can do is to read review articles regarding the fitness gift ideas for your special lady. It will not only save you time but will give you an overview of what makes a good fitness gift and what’s not.

Why are fitness gifts great mood enhancers?

According to doctors, the cheapest and rarely used anti-depressant is exercise. If you have a lady friend or special someone who’s already dedicated to fitness or about to, giving them fitness gifts will provide them with the urge to take the first leap to the beautiful world of “fitness.” There’s indeed going to be a lot of choices you’re going to encounter; the best thing you can do is to know more about the receiver of the gift and, as much as possible, give her something that she likes.

Whether she’s a distant friend or a gym buddy, she can’t be missing something while on the action. If she needs some headband to stop her hair strands from falling- covering her face while working out, then it might be a great idea if you provide that to hear. We all have that loved one that either super dedicates to fitness or one that seriously needs to hit the gym, to encourage her, the top 6 gift ideas that we’re going to share with you in this article will become your “life-saver!”

How to know if my friend prefers gym-related gifts over jewelry?

A piece of cake, if she can’t stop talking about the diet, she’s consistently following and how it changes her as a person. We all know that one person who can’t stop talking about the gym, greens and proteins, CrossFit, IF, and other stuff related to healthy living. As you can tell, it’s super easy to detect just by listening to the words your friend is saying.

Another sign is when she spends most of her time dialing food macros, and she can’t stop talking about carbs, fats, and protein and how one should never eat carbs and proteins together. When she does, this means that your lady friend is in the course of keeping a strong, healthy, and active lifestyle. It’s not surprising how seamless you can spot if your friend prefers gym-related gifts over shiny diamonds and rubies.

Whether in what type of exercising hobby or sport your lady friend is most active, the top 6 picks that we have compiled in this article is worth checking out. Your special lady friend’s birthday only comes once a year, so you wanted to create a big momentum.

Top 6 best Fitness Gifts For Women

I know you’re quite excited to know the 6 best fitness gift ideas that will surely impress her for a long time. We have made sure that your gift can speak louder than what it appears. When it comes to giving gifts, the main secret to impressing her, is actually to provide her with something that will hit her emotionally. Something that she longs for so long or pops out something that’s unexpectedly impressive and emotionally-hitting.

The following list of gifts will remind your loved ones how special they are to you. We have surveyed 50+ women to serve as our female audience to pre-judge our choices, and we’re happy to tell you that 48/55 women said, we have hit what they exactly desired. So, let’s no longer hold the suspense and let’s dive to the best 6 gift ideas that we have come up with that will surprise your special gym buddy.

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