Top 10 Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin in Winter: Product Review & Buying Guide

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Everyone wants to have healthy-looking skin, even in winter. You might be looking a bit bizarre right now that you are in colder months. It’s not such a huge surprise since your skin needs extra moisture when the season gets cold. The winter season might make your skin feel a bit tight and uncomfortable. There are skin conditions that might further irritate your skin.

When you take swimming in a pool that contains chlorine is also one of the culprits why you get a drier skin. Another thing is when you get older, it could mean that your skin starts to lose its firmness and lose its ability to lock moisture a bit longer.

Why do I get drier skin during colder season?

You see, during cold weather, it may disrupt the lipid bilayer- which is responsible for protecting the skin from the environment. This could result in having dry skin, flaring, and may cause sensitivity. According to dermatologists, the cold air outside and the dry heat indoors contain less humidity, which could lead to dried patches.

In accordance with what dermatologists, they noticed that most of their patients could not care any less on their body skin as much as they pay attention to their faces and hands. It’s not such a surprising scenario since most of our bodies are covered, so it makes it easier for us to ignore it.

Another thing that you should remember is that your body can easily wash, which could make your skin look drier. That’s why dermatologists have expressed how much it’s a necessity for people to upgrade to body skincare routine in every season, especially during the winter season.

They added that as much as possible, you should make use of a mild body wash or make use of exfoliating cleansers at any given time of year. It could help in exacerbating the dryness away. Keep in mind to keep a bottle of body lotion on hand, so every time you step out of your shower, you can always lotion up while your skin is still a bit damp.

You may also try to make use of moisturizers, which are more easier to spread across the skin to make your skin look better. There’s a sea of body lotions and moisturizers that are available in the market, but it could be a bit tricky to know which one you should go for and which is the best one for you.

How to choose a lotion for your dry skin?

It is difficult to find the hero product that’ll rescue you out from your dry skin dilemma- no sugarcoating! It’s going to be difficult and challenging, so make sure that you pay extra attention to the specific feature that you should be looking for.

Here are some of the things that could potentially help you find the right product for you:

  • Read a comprehensive buying and product review about the best lotions for the winter season
  • Know your specific skin type
  • If you have skin conditions, consider it in choosing your product (for example, if you have acne-prone skin, don’t go for products that have strong formula)
  • Know the features that you like your product to have
  • Set a reasonable budget
  • Join online forums where people talk about their experience about dry skin during winter and how they overcome it

If you are currently having issues with dry skin, don’t think that you will be stuck with the issues forever. There are many body lotions and moisturizers that could make such a huge difference; you need to be extra careful when you are picking one.

Don’t look at the price.

For some shoppers, they could easily conclude that the product is going to be straight effective when they are in an expensive bracket. But the truth is, you don’t need a fancy lotion to make your skin well-hydrated. There are many drugstore brands that you could get that could get the job done as well as those expensive ones.

Here’s how:

Look for essential hydration.

Keep in mind that your number one goal is to go for the naturals as much as possible. You may start to look for body lotions that contain natural products like cocoa butter, ceramides, shea butter, and other ultra-hydrating products that you may use. You may also start to invest in colloidal oatmeal, urea, and petrolatum that’s excellent when it comes to locking in the moisture.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the dermatologist-approved body lotions, moisturizers, and creams that will help in keeping your skin feeling silky and smooth. You may use this product every time you are done with your showers in the morning. Rest assured that the products we have included are lightweight and extremely hydrating to your skin.

Experience all the goodness to yourself by using any of these 10 best body lotions below.

1. Curel Hydra Therapy Itch Defense Wet Skin Moisturizer

Topping all the best choices brand that we have reviewed is the Curel Hydra Therapy Itch Defense, it’s perfect to use whenever you have dry skin. If ever you are currently facing some really dry scaly skin patches, this will be your instant solution to your problem. It’s going to provide through hydration that would make you look at your skin well-hydrated throughout the day.

If ever you are currently suffering from dealing from having itchy skin, this could also help you get the relief that you have been looking for. Another great feature that this product has is that it helps in locking in the moisture to your face.

When you apply the lotion all over your body, it might not inflict much difference, but wait until your skin fully absorbs the substance and viola- you will instantly see the difference. According to users, it could feel a bit oily at first, but after it has absorbed, you will feel as if there’s nothing is on your skin.

The product does what it says, and that is the most important thing about when you buy a moisturizing lotion for your body. Keep in mind that you do not have to spend a lot of cash to feel soft, you can rub your skin with this product, and you will see the difference.

If you experience any drying at any part of your body, it just means that you need to apply something to reinforce hydration to your skin. It might require you a little patience with the bit of oily feeling when you apply it, but it can put an end to whatever it is that you are experiencing. This product is a winner!

This product deserves a space in your shower rack; it has a special way to seal moisture in your skin, leaving your skin to look healthy, firm, and supple throughout the day. It has over thousands of satisfied customers that said that they would love to buy the product over and over again. It’s amazing stuff and can help you get rid of having dry skin during colder months.
It’s a full-size body lotion that you can use after a shower; it’s also available in smaller bottles in case you want to carry it wherever you want to go to your office.

Things We Like

Absorbs well

Great reliever for itchy skin

Available in smaller bottles

The scent is elegant

Helps you get rid of chicken skin

Things We Don’t Like

Could be a bit oily at first

2. Eucerin Advanced Repair Regimen Pack

The Eucerin Body lotion can help you in repairing your dry skin. It made from highly hydrating properties that help in locking in the moisture into your skin. Believe it or not, but it could provide hydration for as long as 48 hours. It’s something that you go for, especially if you don’t have any time to do a retouch or reapplication of your lotion throughout the day.

For instance, you are traveling for 2 days, and unfortunately, there’s no way you can take a bath, you can use this lotion to keep you smelling good and for your skin to look well-hydrated a well taken care of. It just simply means that you have lesser things to care about whenever you have this body lotion at hand.

From the name itself, it’s a repair regiment pack; it means that it comes with cleansing agents to make your feel soft. At the same time, it has the capability to help you retain moisture, thus prevent your skin from drying. What’s amazing is that it could rinse your skin clean from any residue, leaving your skin to look glowy and radiant.

In addition to that, it could also encourage collagen production, which gives your skin repair while at the same time working on giving it the glow and radiance it needs. The product is free from dye and fragrance, so these are huge pluses, especially if you are looking for natural products.

The pack comes with a cleanser and repair lotion; using the two could provide you with a clean and well-hydrated body. It also gently maintains your sin at its optimal pH level (5 on the pH spectrum). This is one of the major reasons why you feel well-hydrated for longer hours.

Things We Like

Maintains pH level

Locks in moisture

Comes with a cleanser

Encourages collagen production

Can hydrate the skin up to 48 hours

Things We Don’t Like

The scent could still be improved

3. SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

Owning our 3rd spot is the SA lotion that specifically made for people who have rough and bumpy skin. It simply helps in moisturizing and exfoliating our skin. It contains active ingredients such as vitamin D, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Salicylic Acid. It’s going to leave your skin softened and well-smoothed.

Vitamin D is beneficial for bone and muscle growth, but at the same time, it could also help in giving your skin the glowy and the radiance that it needs. It formulated with the 3 essential ceramides such as 1, 3, and 6-II. It could simply help in restoring and maintaining the natural protective barrier of the skin.

It also utilizes patented MVE controlled-release technology that helps in replenishing the ceramides in the skin, therefore allowing your skin to retain the moisture for a longer period of time. One of the things that it has made way to our list is because it’s free from fragrance and dye, two of the few indicators that the product is more on the natural side and has a lesser chance to create negative side effects onto the skin.

The product mostly recommended for people who have extremely dry, bumpy, rough, or psoriasis-prone skin. It’s definitely one of the best products that you would want to consider to add to your shower rack.

For hundreds of users who have used it, they said that the product had been one of the life-changing skincare lotions for them. It has helped them to cure significant skin issues such as bumps and roughness around the skin. If ever you are facing the same problems, you can definitely give this product a try and see what it can potentially do for you.

Things We Like

Gently on the skin

Can be used for people who have skin issues

Retains moisture

Makes the skin soft

Contains vitamin D

Things We Don’t Like

The scent could still be improved

4. Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

In the 4th product, we will be looking at the Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra hydration lotion that helps you in hydrating your skin. It comes with fast-acting hydration that helps your skin to lock in more moisture that would last throughout the day. The hydration is clinically proven to last for 24 hours, which is it makes it desirable to use if you don’t have any chance to reapply throughout the day.

Let’s say, for example, you work in an office 9-5, and you don’t have any chance to reapply your lotion to make your skin look supple, firm, healthy, and well-hydrated throughout the day. That’s why when you use this product; you will have the chance to make your skin well-hydrated. In addition, the product is fragrance-free.

The product has daily advance ultra-hydrating lotion with shea butter, as you already know shea butter are excellent choices when it comes to providing moisture and hydration for your skin. In addition to that, you don’t have to put a lot of amounts. You need to allow the lotion to go over once all through your body, and you will notice that your skin will improve its appearance.

It works wonders on your skin and something that you would want to be always available at your hands. It’s also safe to use for people who are experiencing some allergy issues since the product is dye-free. However, for people who have highly sensitive skin or acne-prone skin types, it is recommended for them to do a “patch test” to make sure.

Things We Like


Locks in moisture for 24 hours


Has shea better

Makes itchiness and dry skin gone

Things We Don’t Like

Contains Cetaphil, kindly make sure you aren’t allergic to this content before using

5. Curél Daily Healing Body Lotion

Another excellent product choice when you have dry skin is the Curel Daily Healing body lotion; it’s amazing skincare to add to your daily regimen since it helps you feel fresh, relaxed, and well-hydrated during colder seasons. You know the drill whenever it’s winter, you typically feel tighter on your skin. What’s amazing about this product is that it could provide that water feels when you rub it.

It’s like you feel cool and get rid of that dry feeling right away. It’s one of the best products that you might want to see in your shower rack. So far, it’s one of the most impressive products that you can use. This could be a quite handy product to have when you leave an area where the dry climate is everywhere. It’s something you will want to feel on your skin after you have applied it.

One of the most annoying parts of living in a place where there’s very low humidity is that it leaves the skin to feel dry, what this product does is that it keeps your skin well-hydrated throughout the day. It’s dye and fragrance-free, so if you don’t have to worry in case, you are allergic to a particular skincare ingredient. The formula is gentle, which is just enough to give your skin the hydration it needs.

Things We Like



Encourages collagen production

Perfect when you live in a very dry area

Could be used for itching skin

Things We Don’t Like

May not be the right product for people who value fragrance in their lotions a lot

6. Brand Ointment Protectant Fragrance

Now, let’s take a look at Brand Ointment Protectant lotion for your skin. This comes in a 14-ounce jar that does not only aim to make your skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. But it also acts as skin protection. It’s inevitable for us to encounter free radicals whenever we hang around outside. Think about the dust and the harmful rays of the sun. If you are looking for a product that could provide you with the right protection, then you are looking at one.

It made in the USA, and there are no foreign components used in creating the product. The company behind the product is so confident that they offer a refund if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product’s performance. It simply helps in soothing your skin and gives that hydrating effect.

Its gentle formula purposely designed to provide moist to your skin. The jar is available in a huge jar. It comes with active ingredients like petrolatum, which is closely similar to the ‘Aquaphor,’ which helps in locking in moisture to your skin.

Things We Like

Reasonably priced

Hydrates the skin well

Protects the skin

Makes the skin soft

Comes in a large jar

Things We Don’t Like

The scent could still be improved

7. Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion 8 oz

The next product that we will be looking at is the Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion. It simply helps in soothing the sensitive skin and helps you get rid whenever you are having issues with feeling itchiness around your skin. It helps in enhancing the skin’s moisture barrier, which allows your skin to retain moisture for a longer period of time.

Whenever you feel the “sticky” feeling when you apply it, that refers to the protectant that meant to protect your skin from the free radicals whenever you go out to work or school. It can also use whenever you are done doing something, and you need something to moisturize your hands. It’s something that you should use before you go to bed.

When you have sensitive skin, it could be a bit challenging to know which product will work for you and which will not. Look no further since this product made all naturals, which means that you will be able to make your skin soft and smooth and at the same time, does not irritate your skin at all.

The product also has anti-aging properties that help in skin maintenance. It helps your skin to retain moisture, so you never have to fail dry at any phase of your day.

Things We Like


Reasonably priced

Makes the skin feel soft

Locks in moisture

Contains oats

Things We Don’t Like

Not for people who value scent in their lotions

8. NIVEA Skin Firming Variety Pack

The product contained in a 16.9 fluid ounce body lotion, and it also comes with a gel-cream for total hydration effect. It helps in making your skin feel firm and can even act as a toner. You are sure to have a skin that’s soft and supple when you have this product. It is dermatologically tested and approved and is one of the products out there that could provide you with the hydration your skin needs.

It might take a few weeks before you can see the results, but this product is worth a try. It’s such a huge thing that it could make a difference in your appearance. If you give it a try, just once, you can see the difference for yourself.

It doesn’t only make your skin well-hydrated, but it also has some firming properties that help you get rid of cellulite. The product is going to make your skin firm and smooth, and you’re going to fall in love with the product. I know that this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about the “Nivea” skincare brand. It’s one of the well-known brands when it comes to providing effective and hydrating skincare lotions.

Things We Like

Comes from a reputable brand

Dermatologically tested and approved


Locks in moisture

Firms the skin

Things We Don’t Like

Might take a few weeks before you can see results

9. Organic Lavender Lotion w/Aloe Vera

Now, we’re looking at the 9th product on our list. As you can read from the name, it’s all organic and contains all the essential oils and nourishing vitamins that are going to provide your skin the hydration that it needs. This lotion can deliver intense nourishment to your skin. The antioxidants worked together with the vitamins to kick off the free radicals out of your system.

The product can also deliver a silky smooth and moisturized feeling to your skin all day. It’s a very effective wand that works perfectly for people who have dry skin. The product contains oats, aloe vera, coconut oil, and avocado oils, which are all super ingredients that are well-known to provide hydration and glow to your skin.

Are you looking for a product that will help you restore your skin’s radiance? Then, this dry skin lotion will help you to get that easily. It packed with a powerful skin regeneration that will help you get rid of those fine lines and at the same time, gives your skin the glow and radiance it needs. What’s amazing is that the product has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that repair your skin tissues and entourages new skin cells to form.

It helps you feel relaxed and calm when you use it. It’s something that you should have in your daily skincare routine.

Things We Like

Contains antioxidants

Contains coconut oil

Contains avocado oi


Has soothing properties

Things We Don’t Like

The container’s design could still be improved

10. Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Repair Advance Therapy Lotion

One of the best comforting products available is the Sebamed SkinCare lotion; this is a perfect choice if ever you are suffering from skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, and other skin problems. The consistency is non-greasy, and it absorbs pretty well. If you are looking for a great skin lotion that can provide you with long-lasting hydration, then you are looking at the right product to buy.

The consistency is similar to liquid cream, which makes it easier for your skin to absorb it. You will love the smell, and it could also be a perfect gift for your loved one who values the scent of lotion a lot.

This is a great moisturizer that you will want to try. It also encourages collagen production, which is great. When new skin cells formed, your skin will feel fresh, and you will look more beautiful. After all, we are all achieving one thing, and that is to have radiant, beautiful looking skin.

Things We Like


Can be used for people who have skin problems



Fast absorbent

Things We Don’t Like

It takes time before you see the results

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