5 Hacking Makeup & Beauty Tips Every Older Woman Should Know

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It is undeniable that having that fresh-faced and young look is every woman’s dream. The makeup products that you use must use appropriately so that you can get the most of it. The nine tried, and correct techniques we are about to reveal will help you to cut 5, 10, 20, and 30 years of your current age. We have compiled these tips, so you don’t have to search for them one by one.

One of the ways that you can shed years off your face is by applying makeup. However, if these aesthetics products not used correctly, it will add years to your face. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the makeup tips that will help you to look younger and fresher.

Tip #1: Don’t put too much foundation

Older women tend to apply too much foundation on their faces since they believe that it’s going to cover their fine lines and wrinkles. But putting too much can make your face look cakey, and we’re confident that you won’t want that to happen, that’s why it highly recommended that you put the right amount of foundation on your face. Also, make sure that the color matches your natural complexions, so it won’t appear too light nor too heavy on your skin.

It is also refreshing in the eyes if older women are going to wear light foundation on the face. The thinner, the more natural it will appear. When choosing for your foundation, don’t shy away from asking the sales lady what type of foundation color will suit your complexion well. You can always ask them for some helpful tips that apply to older women who wear makeup.

Tip #2. Remove your makeup before you go to sleep

It’s understandable that even if we have the help of makeup, we will not look good as we were in our teenage years, but whatever the case is, never forget to wash off your makeup before hitting the hay. You can use some natural or essential oils that you can use to remove the makeup quickly and more effectively. Makeup products contain various chemicals that are harmful to the skin when it sits too long on it.

That is why it is imperative that you wash off every makeup on your skin before sleeping. This will allow your facial skin to breathe while sleeping, the skin cells will also regenerate faster, especially when you sleep 8-10 hours every day.

5 Hacking Makeup & Beauty Tips Every Older Woman Should Know

Tip #3: Don’t apply the wrong blush color

Some older women tend to put blush colors that are in darker shade in pink, which makes it look more noticeable on the face. You should pick the one that will make more natural on the face. To know the perfect blush color for your skin, try to pinch both sides of your cheeks and see what shade of pink color do you see. That will help you in choosing the best color that you should buy in the market.

Imagine a woman with a red rosy blushed-cheek, since it is in the darker shade you tend to look at the cheeks first. It is important that you pick something natural and that wouldn’t overdo your natural skin complexion. Do not spread it too much on the face neither, use the blush brush to do the task for you. It will help you to get a good spread on your face. Also, estimate the circle size of the blush, you can’t have a bigger spread on the left side and smaller on the right side, you have to make sure that they are in the same shape and sizes.

Tip #4: Don’t use your fingers

Beauty blenders and brushes are not there for no reason; you can use them to spread the makeup all over your face. The fingertips carry bad bacteria that could cause acne breakout on your skin, that’s why it highly recommended that never use your fingers for tapping makeup on your face. It will leave the bad bacteria in the area and will give the change to spread, which is the last thing that you will want to happen on your face.

Older women should be more careful on their skin, since as a person gains the lesser skin cells, it can regenerate, thus resulting in thinner skin. Never overdo your makeup since that will mean that you’re putting a lot of toxic on your facial skin, so just tap some foundation, slight pink blush, and light lipstick- that should do the trick. If you feel like you have to do your brows and lashes, don’t use your fingers to place fake lashes, you can use tweezers or any tools that come with “lash” product. This will save you from bad bacteria and will also save you a lot of time.

Tip #5: Love yourself

This is not a makeup tip, but a beauty tip. If you’re at the age of 60, there’s no need to feel old, love yourself and embrace what you have. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go back to the old days. You may not look 20 again, but it does not mean that you shred confidence about yourself. Just remember that the best thing every woman can wear is her smile. So, always smile and spread the love. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. Feeling good about yourself makes you feel and look younger.

These are the top 5 beauty and makeup tips that we have compiled for older women to use. As aforementioned before, don’t overdo your makeup and keep it light and natural. Build an inner confidence within yourself and just enjoy life. Spend more time loving yourself, family, and friends instead of looking at the past. A woman who is happy with herself does not need to stuff herself with makeup. Express yourself with a smile and welcoming face; you’ll notice that people will more appreciate kindness than the beautiful face.

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